Esteem Performance Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Coleen Kwok

A business on a verge of greatness. A new type of greatness; not based on the man, but the automobile, the car. A symbol of freedom. A symbol of vitality. A symbol of a man’s pride. A business that knows no boundaries. That will stretch as far as the eyes can see. This is what Esteem Performance is.

Life started as an entrepreneur for Madam Coleen Kwok when she first met her benefactor, whom she worked under his right wing for a decade, learning the ropes of running a car related business. As time passes, Madam Kwok soon grasped the nuances of running a good trade. Madam Kwok was resolute it was time to spread her wings and soar into her own initial foray of being a full-fledged entrepreneur.

In 1990, Madam Kwok founded Esteem Performance. “As time passes, with constant interactions with cars, i find myself partially attached to them.” Madam Kwok ruminated, on why she chose to embark on the particular aspect of the industry. Esteem Performance started off with just 8 employees; a norm when initiating a small business. Through the years, Esteem Performance had metamorphosed much since when it started. With more than 30 trained and proficient personnels, along with the employment of advanced technologies, Esteem Performance is able to proffer services such as car maintenance, body works and spray painting; to impeccable standards.

Over the years, Madam Kwok, along with Esteem Performance had mustered up a superlative portfolio; allowing the company to receive a multitude of referrals from past customers. “Such referrals are my spur to do better. It represents that in the customers’ eyes, we are of a satisfactory standard.” Madam Kwok elucidated. By providing services; exclusive to Esteem Performance, such as a 24/7 car fetching service. Maximizing convenience for clients, as staffs fetch the car to and fro from the customer’s place. “This allows the customer to minimize time waste, as we know, nobody likes waiting for a long time.” Madam Kwok added.

It would not be true if Esteem Performance was not fraught with problems at all. Every roaring trade shall have its fair share of troubles. “In the service trade, it’s common to meet problematic customers. Sometimes these customers might be spiteful, and spout inaccurate claims; which does not do good to our company image.” Madam Kwok expounded on some of the woes she met in the trade. “By keeping a cool stance, and maintaining a high EQ (Emotional Quotient), we were able to interact with such customers, and give a proper resolution and closure to the problem.”

Such occurrences come into realization only once in a blue moon, as Esteem Performance perpetually avert such instances by proffering top notch quality services; which would result in every customer deeming Esteem Performance satisfactory.

Madam Kwok have formidable sinews with her staffs, who had been loyal and stuck through thick and thin with her through the years. “Without them, i wouldn’t be standing where i am today.” Madam Kwok commented with gratitude. “Despite having a low turn over, it’s good employees like them which help make us so effective. Through the years, they have imparted their infinite knowledge into the company, making Esteem Performance stronger, faster, and better.” Madam Kwok added. “I also like to thank my parents, for being understanding when i had entrusted them in taking care of my children. Without them, i would not be able to have a peace of mind as i concentrate on the business.”

“Entrepreneurship is a challenging game. It’s all about interaction; especially in the service line, having to interact with customers from all walks of life. Knowing them; understanding them; befriending them.” Madam Kwok explicated her definition of entrepreneurship. “Post failure experiences are what made us grow stronger every single time. It helped us learn along the way, and in turn bettering ourselves.”

“Failure is always part of a learning process, do not be afraid of failing; be confident. Taking ownership of great wisdom and learning when to let go would help you on the path of success.” Madam Kwok espoused young people wanting to start their own business.

Esteem Performance is a great constitution of infinite wisdom and knowledge, a robust; sinewy team, a caring and well thought group of employees; being able to cater to every customers’ need, befriending them in the process. Along with a strong, determined leader at fore, superintending every knick and knacks; the aspect of interpersonal skills; being able to stand by employees in time of need, the permeating of knowledge, and serving as the backbone for the company to prosper. The aforementioned regards are just some prerequisites to success, and it’s certainly advent for Esteem Performance.

Contact Details:
5033 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2
#01-251/259 S(569536)
T| 6484 1221
F| 6484 7829


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