Poker Manic

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Elaine Chee

Established since 2005, Poker Manic is a company that sells an array of interesting Poker Chips, Cards, Interesting Novelties and many other magic related products to cater to the rising demand in this industry.

“Being poker players and magicians ourselves, we understood how it felt like to purchase costly marked up poker items from many retail stores. Thus, we would want to provide poker products sold to customers at very reasonable prices, affordable for almost everyone,” explained Ms Chee.

Having studied and pursued a Masters in Business Administration and a Diploma in Casino Management, it was inevitable that Ms Chee saw the opportunity and wanted to venture into this particular industry. “You need to strike while the iron is hot!” Ms Chee quipped as she recounted her initial reasons for choosing this business as her career.

Nevertheless, while it all started out when she was still in school, it was not a very smooth journey for a new entrepreneur. “We didn’t start off with a retail shop; instead we set up an online store and carried out consignments with several shops. However, issues started cropping up with the consignment, partnerships etc.”

Even with her back against the wall and all odds against her, Ms Chee persevered and decided to start her own retail store as she drew lessons learnt from the previous experiences and came out stronger. “Be patient. Do not rush into things on the spur of moment.”

To further differentiate her business, Ms Chee decided to stick to what she does best while at the same time spreading risks by delving into other products to proliferate her business. “70% of my business has to be poker. That is my business model and it is important that I do not digress from this field. At the same time, I will be bringing in more products such as magician cards and other exotic and new products which have yet to be introduced locally.” In addition, Ms Chee is in the process of organising tournaments and working more on marketing the business to increase awareness amongst consumers of her company. It seems that she already has the perfect solution for marketing as her online website is gaining momentum with consumers and business is surging with the emergence of online shopping.

To people who aspire to be like Ms Chee, a young and successful businesswoman, here is what she has to say about the world of business. “You have to have the passion and drive. Don’t care what other people may be saying about your ideas. You must believe in it yourself before others will even listen to you. Take one step at a time. Networking is important. Seize the right opportunity when it comes begging. Do not let it slip away.”

Be that as it may, Ms Chee also espoused on the importance of sharing the workload and finding the right workers for the company. “It is practically impossible to do everything by yourself. To succeed, you need to tap on the talents of other people and resources. Knowledge and management of the business is paramount to the success of your company. Gain enough experience and knowledge before you hit the ground running!”

Contact Details:
Bugis+ #05-12 Cinema Level
T| 6884 5008
F| 6741 7916

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