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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Sherrie Tsang

P J Human Resources Pte Ltd is a licensed Recruitment and Human Resources Consultancy Agent set up in 1992 with the aim to provide specialized and reliable manpower recruitment services to their clients.

P J Human Resources assists clients by providing appropriate professionals through their tailored recruitment methodology. This has shorten recruiting time and remove unnecessary resources, clients are enjoying a more satisfactory recruitment experience than before. Services provide are mostly classified into resources placement and immigration related. Currently, the clientele includes both private and government sectors.

In early 1999, she took over the managing task of the operation. As a business graduate from foreign university, she is much more sensitive to business climate changes, and able to analyze business scenarios better. She also carried with her many years of trading, administrative and recruiting experiences in MNC environment.

To her the many un-knows in doing business is no different from the daily life. Willing to explore and experiment the new has always give her good returns. From early days of providing short term resources to private sectors, she quickly catches the outsourcing train in tendering bigger and long term contracts. She also started utilizing varies computer technology to make administrative work swift within the company. Ms Sherrie adapts to new approach and/or business environment quite naturally. She is always on the lookout for new initiatives from government bodies. She understands and firmly believes those new policies and procedures shall benefit businesses in Singapore, thus she takes every effort to implement in the company. “To create a company takes big effort but to maintain a company takes great effort”, this has been her driving force to do more for the clients. With her strong drive, PJ Human Resources has achieved ISO certifications and more recently the BizSafe Level 3. Currently, she is also embarking on paperless working environment initiative within the company.

To the many staffs working under Ms Sherrie, she is regarded more like a friend than an employer. She is always concern about the well being of the staffs. Whenever Ms Sherrie makes a deal with clients, she always puts herself in clients place and considering many aspects of the business that might impacts the clients. Thus, the business contract is always well accepted and signing is swift. Ms Sherrie is a person with strong principle. She always regards principle as the rule book for being a true person. “A promise is a contract between word and action” she said and added “if I cannot delivery then I should not have say in the first place”. On the hand whether it is a gain or a loss, she stands firmly on the rightful side. She will take every effort to explain the correct or lawful doing on the matter. “Law is to protect people so I am doing my part to protect others and I am sure it shall protect me / company in return”.

The knowledge, the caring, the friendship, the foresight, the willingness to change and adapt, have earned her trust from both sides of the recruiting job. These have contributed to the healthy growth of the company. In P J Human Resource, they ensure that every task taken up should be fully completed despite any unexpected situation or obstacles along the way. “Clients satisfaction is our top priority” said Miss Sherrie. A simple thank you from their clients has always been the driving force that motivates them.

“Entrepreneurship is not just simply about setting up a business, but it’s about understanding the industry, product cycle and knowing the economic well. It is also important to know your strengths and weaknesses.” Miss Sherrie elucidated. “In order to be successful, one should constantly review their mistake and learn from it.” Miss Sherrie added.

“Being a successful entrepreneur means you need to have a real passion. Been patient and hardworking is definite” Miss Sherrie carries on, asserting, “You need continuous improvement and to be equipped with the right skills and attitude. Pride comes before a fall, therefore, always be humble and keeps learning from others.” PJ Human Resources is set on a path to attain greater heights and prosperity under the ardent leadership of Miss Sherrie.

Contact Details:
163 South Bridge Road #03-00
T| 6333 4690
F| 6333 4691
E| pjhuman@singnet.com.sg

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