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Mr. Daniel Leong


Can you guess the one common thing about almost all kinds of events, public or private, big or even small? Yes, it’s the one thing none of us can do without – the portable toilet! And if you are observant enough, you would have noticed that very often, the name Qool Enviro is etched on the doors of those toilets. That’s simply because Qool Enviro Pte Ltd is one of the most trusted names in the market when it comes to clean, hygienic and reliable toilets. Other than stocking high quality portable toilets of all kinds and providing a range of cleaning services, Qool Enviro has earned a solid reputation for its knowledge and ability to fully meet all portable restrooms needs, even at short notice and for events of any scale and duration.

The man behind the emergence of what is now one of the leaders in the industry is none other than Mr Daniel Leong, one of the three directors of Qool Enviro Pte Ltd. Started in 2006 to meet the growing demand for portable sanitation services, and with just a crew of three, the company has rapidly grown to become a team of 26. Its reputation has also kept pace with its size, as it is now one of the top players in the cleaning industry, catering to a wide customer base drawn from all sectors.

Daniel started out helping his father in the cleaning industry, and has accumulated well over 20 years of experience before deciding to strike out on his own. “When I first started, I felt it was more important to gain experience then aim to climb fast.” said Daniel about his early days.

Sharing about the struggles he faced when his business was still new, Daniel said, “One of the biggest stumbling blocks had got to be capital as we needed to raise a huge sum to have our first fleet of portable toilets. It is the main investment in our kind of business. Each unit cost up to $2,000 and we needed to find suppliers who were willing to support us in that as well.”

Just as in the axiom, “Ambition is the path to success, but persistence is the vehicle you arrive in”, hard work and determination enabled Daniel to eventually overcome all the challenges and began his rise to become a leader in his field. “Thankfully, we managed to raise up a sum of money to send our partner Cindy to the US to attend an event and source for suppliers. Lady Luck was indeed smiling on us and Cindy managed to convince the supplier, who turned out to be very supportive of us. They even allowed our company to purchase portable toilets using credit payment, which almost never ever happens in our industry.”

Apart from offering the latest and the best in sanitation hardware, Qool Enviro stands out with its high degree of professionalism and a relentless belief in excellent customer service. Understanding the customer’s needs, providing the most ideal solutions, and keeping their services absolutely reliable are values that have helped the company keep its business growing through the years. “Even when at times we are unable to provide a certain service, we will recommend another company to the clients just to assure them that we are committed to meeting all their requirements, and not just merely interested in sealing a deal.” Daniel added.

Qool Enviro has found its own ways to win by further differentiating themselves from the competition, and Daniel is generous enough to share those secrets. “In response to the changing needs of the market, we are geared to offer a genuine one-stop service to provide full logistical support for events and venues of all sizes. Over and above our core service of portable restrooms, we are equipped to deliver and coordinate services such as event tentage, cleaning and solid/liquid waste management, and all aspects of logistical support and management. When our clients are satisfied with our work, through word of mouth, more clients will approach us eventually.”

When quizzed on his thoughts on entrepreneurship, Daniel has this to share, “Entrepreneurship allows me to be able to make a difference to people’s lives. It allows me to guide and train others, while honing my leadership skills at the same time. For instance, a driver becoming an operations manager is something we can do to elevate the worker’s skills.” Besides that, Daniel derives great satisfaction from seeing people grow under his leadership, as compared to mere monetary gain, and that has motivated him to continue to improve and excel.

All in all, Daniel believes that perseverance and passion are two key ingredients for success in business. “Without perseverance, it is difficult to carry out anything in life, let alone be a successful businessman.”

Indeed, the fact that their very first customer still does business with them up till this day bears testament to the quality of service that Qool Enviro provides for its clients. One can only imagine the distance that this very dynamic company can go in the future!

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41 Tuas View Place
T| 6265 4510
F| 6265 3421
E| sales@qoolenviro.com

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