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Mr. Andy Tan

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill. Mr Andy Tan, the founder of D’Trenzo Interior Pte Ltd is a fine example of Winston Churchill’s quote. “I am who I am today because of all the challenges I faced in the past. In life difficulties bound to happen, but it is the matter of how you view it.” Andy expounded.
Andy initiated D’Trenzo Interior Pte Ltd in year 2010, with a commitment to place their customers at the heart of everything they do. With everything under one roof, their attention to details and unsurpassed customer service guarantees inspired results, and a worry-free process from concept to completion. At D’Trenzo, dedicated team of design consultants with their expertise and in-depth knowledge are committed to one goal, “Creating a sophisticated interior space that meets your unique needs.”

At D’Trenzo, you are assure that all the consultant are aspire to create unrivalled experience through reflecting each and every client’s unique personality, family and lifestyles within every project no matter the size, scope of work and even budget. D’Trenzo truly delivers an end-to end service by seamlessly integrating their value-added services into you new living space.

Home is more than just a place for you to find shelter. To many Singaporean, home is the most important place, as we spend an average of more than 12 hour at home. Therefore, a home should be a creative expression of your individuality, a place where you can feel nurtured and relaxed and it must be a place full of things you love.

Focusing in interior and exterior design for HDB, condominium, landed property and also commercial, D’Trenzo had turned many people’s dream home into a reality.

Nevertheless, initiating a business is always laborious. Andy started D’Trenzo as a one-man show. He played the role of a boss and also the only salesman in the company back then, together with the help of his administer. With limited manpower, there are also limited things he can accomplish. Andy then went on sharing with how he managed to vanquish these hitches hindering D’Trenzo’s progress. “I am blessed with a strong referral base since the start of the business, coupling up with my vast knowledge and experience learned in my previous work, D’Trenzo started making money. With all the money earned, I decided to invest in marketing D’Trenzo and that is when talented and dedicated design consultant joined us.”

With so many proliferations made throughout the years, it is a cinch that D’Trenzo glorified. “We are proud to be nominated by the public for Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2012 award.” Andy commented about the accomplishment achieved by the company. “My mission is to groom my design consultants to a higher level of attribute, skill and knowledge, in order to create a dream home for our valuable customer.” Andy regarded.

Andy’s entrepreneurial success is a result of perseveration, determination, hard work and perpetual amelioration to do better for customers. To be able to meet the high expectation and conceptions of clients, both their needs and want, Andy ensure that everyone in D’Trenzo handle all their projects with fervent and undying passion toward their work. Along with the value of empathy, resulting in an inspiring team to work along, and the ability to not only meet customers’ utmost satisfaction, but also gain a place in their heart.
“It’s rewarding to see how the company grew from a one-man show to now 20 over people. It makes me strive for more.” Andy said with much glee. When asked what qualities should a good entrepreneur possess, Andy replied, “He have to be hard working. Have good preparation; doing market research and careful planning is essential.”

“Think before stepping into anything, go out and gain the necessary experiences before starting out your own business. It’s common that everyone would wish to climb up high and fast, it’s just the matter of when it will happen. Go out and explore the outside world first, and you will know how to handle difficulties in life in the near future.” Andy advocates young entrepreneurs planning to initialize their own business.

Right now, D’Trenzo is planning to expand a few more outlets, locating itself at different parts of Singapore. “We are able to impart our design and concepts to Singaporean through expanding ourselves.” Andy explicated. As a supreme leader, Andy does not sit on his laurels. The future looks scintillating for D’Trenzo Interior Pte Ltd.

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