Envy Beauty Face & Body Care

Name of Recipient:
MS. Shirley Chong

The world’s biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman. Personal
beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference. Beauty is
innate of every woman; it’s a prerogative of every woman. The one who have
shall take pride in it, those who do not shall envy. However, beauty is a
fragile gift. In order to sustain this delicate gift from the heavens, one
needs to place intricate care on it. Commenced in 1989, Envy Beauty has
been proffering services to help women keep possession of their long
sought beauty for more than 20 years.

Miss Shirley Chong is an adroit beauty therapist who has been in the
line for nearly 30 years; having worked in this vocation since 1981.
“What excites me about this job is the interest I have in it. That is
why I wanted to open a business based on my passion as I believe by
doing so would help me achieve success.” Miss Chong reminisced. Starting a business is certainly arduous. Nevertheless, with her family backing her, Miss Chong was
resolute to set about on her own entrepreneurship. Nothing is too hard when you have an ardent passion and family sinews supporting you through all adversities. “My family had been supporting me when I started Envy Beauty. My brother even went to the extend of helping me to seek for products. It was really a heartfelt moment for me.” Miss Chong regarded.

It is important for a business to provide quality products. The same goes for Envy Beauty. “This is why we placed a lot of emphasis on quality assurance, we make sure all our therapist are qualified and skilled to offer direct treatments on our customers.” Miss Chong
replied assertively. What distinguishes Envy Beauty from the rest of the trade is that the company takes a holistic approach; providing both beauty and dieting advice at the same time.

“If you would like to be successful as an entrepreneur, I believe you
definitely must have the passion and interest in the things you do. Success takes a long time to fulfill. If what you have is just an infatuation, chances are, your entrepreneurship would not live to see success.” a discerning Miss Chong added. “So if you would like to start your own business, I strongly recommend having the interest and passion in
what you do. Be determined and never give up no matter what.” Miss Chong
put forward.

Beauty is something to be envied. “This is how we derived the name ‘Envy
Beauty’” Miss Chong reflected. In order to propagate such intriguing
beauty to vaster masses, Envy Beauty possess a set of expansion plans to
escalate the operations of the company. “We will be expanding our shop, at
the same time, we are also hiring more therapists to cope with the
increased operations.” Miss Chong divulged. “We are also looking for a
platform to extend the franchise of our business and extend my skill to
whoever who have the passion in this trade.”

With all these attractive propositions implemented, Envy Beauty shall give
more depth to their already phenomenal success.

Contact Details:
587 Bukit Timah #03-05
Coronation Shopping Plaza S(269707)
T| 6469 6286
F| 6463 4127
E| shirley@envybeauty.com.sg

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