Jac’s Learning Centre Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jackie Lim

Being an ex-teacher himself, Mr Jackie Lim has always wanted to do something for students. “My aim is to help as many students as possible achieve their potential.” With his fervour for teaching, Mr Lim has set up Jac’s Learning Centre, a tuition centre that caters to students ranging from primary to secondary school.

In Jac’s Learning Centre, there are 3 components to the route of excellence that they believe in – Foundation, Diligence and Confidence. These components are the all important guiding principles in running the tuition programmes. Additionally, all tutors at the centre are NIE-trained, with a minimum qualification of a Diploma in Education.

When the centre was first set up, Mr Lim had a low number of students enrolling in the classes. “Even with just 1 student, I would still start the class,” Mr Lim shared optimistically. “My main objective is to train these students and guide them towards being high achievers in life, not just in term of their results.” The centre has never conducted entry tests for its students as they accept all kinds of students from a variety of backgrounds and abilities, as the centre believes that every child can be nurtured to reach his or her fullest potential with the proper guidance.

As testament to this, Ms Alice Teo, a grateful parent, praised the performance of the centre, “I am glad to have Jac coaching my twin sons’ Additional Mathematics for a year. With his experience and guidance, my sons’ Maths results improved by leaps and bounds and both of them scored distinctions for their ‘O’ level examinations in 2011. I must thank him for motivating my sons to be high achievers.”

A student of the centre, Claudia Choo, added, “I have been with Jac’s Learning Centre since 2009. My PSLE grade for Mathematics jumped from a ‘U’ to an ‘A’ after a year at the centre. I aim to achieve good grades for my ‘O’ Levels next year.”

Clearly, Jac’s Learning Centre seems to have found the perfect method to enhancing a student’s ability in their academics. Hence, by word-of-mouth, Mr Lim’s business has grown exponentially. From starting out with just one student and facing a plethora of problems, he is now the proud owner of 3 centres located across the island. Mr Lim’s journey to success has indeed come a long way.

When asked about what separates the centre from its competitors, Mr Lim pointed out that all of his teachers are NIE-trained, and that they are dedicated and caring. Furthermore, he always maintains his company’s policy of having a small class size with a maximum of 8 students per class in order for the classes to be engaging and fruitful for his students. “We know how to handle the children and can understand how they feel. Thus, we are able to find ways in which to challenge them to push their limits further,” Mr Lim explained.
Mr Lim is now looking to expand his mini empire by way of franchising. However, he mentioned that all teachers must still be NIE-trained before they can be allowed to teach at any of his centres, and this would apply even after franchising.

Mr Lim’s proudest achievement is that he is able to help and motivate students, knowing that people have benefitted from his guidance.
Lastly, Mr Lim has some words of advice for people who aspire to be future entrepreneurs. “Once you start, you have to keep it going, keep it there. Don’t expect everything to be smooth sailing; you must be prepared to go through the difficulties. That is what you call resilience. Other than that, you need to seize the right opportunity when it comes calling. So if you have the passion for something and the opportunity has arrived, hesitate no more!”

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