PUKU (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Kokoro Woo

No one know what opportunity lies within the crisis, it’s only through strength and endurance that opportunity reveals itself. Through the challenges, success prevailed for PUKU (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a company selling babies products and accessories. Ms Kokoro Woo together with Mr Andrew came together in September 2007 and started PUKU (Singapore) Pte Ltd, with the intention of bringing adorable baby products with exceptional comfort, quality and style.

Puku is a collection of products and accessories from Taiwan, that provide babies not only comfort but also well-designed signature character and a variety of vibrant color. All the Puku products are guided and adhered to strict child safety standards. “We want to Taiwan in 2007 and ask to be the distributor in Singapore for the brand, as we felt that the signature character’s image is cute and that not many of the babies’ products and accessories actually have such adorable images.” Ms Kokoro expounded. Carrying over 400 products ranging from feeding/ weaning, health/cleaning, apparel, baby accessories and bedding and more to come. Anyone can simply locate their products in the departmental store, shopping centers and even supermarkets. “Along side with Puku’s Concept of being an aspiring company that offers products with the best value as well as excellent service through strict market research & development and quality control. We believe in bring the best services and products to all our customers.” Said Mr Andrew.

“Bringing in Puku into Singapore market wasn’t an easy task!” Ms Kokoro continued “I can still remember clearly, we need to put on the Puku’s mascot giving flyer and balloon to the kids during exhibitions and events, we were all drench in our perspiration in the inside.” Nonetheless their effort is paid off; children started remembering them as Puku and would scream their name from afar once they see the mascot. “That is one of our greatest achievements at that time” Ms Kokoro reminisce the rough start up. “As our products are directly from Taiwan, the instruction guide and wording are all in traditional Chinese. We received many feedbacks from the customers that they are unable to understand the text, after much consideration we decided to stick with the Taiwan’s style and not make any changes to the text. However, we do include additional English text at the end.” Mr Andrew explicated.

“Our cute vibrant signature penguin is what set us apart in the industry; it gives off a ‘kawaii’ feel.” Said Ms Kokoro. “All our products are made in Taiwan and have gone through a stringent quality testing. We are also awarded by the Parents World Singapore for the Best of the Best babies & Kids Products/ Services in January 2011 in the category of Best in Durable Baby Necessities.
“Always be humble and persevered through all challenges that may arise. You need to be focus and set your eyes on the goal. When things don’t go your way, take it with an open heart, as it is an opportunity for you to learn. You will reap what you sow as times come. Build relationships and form your wisdom network, as it will help create new opportunities and allow for new insight.” Ms Kokoro espoused young people wanting to start their business.

Mr Andrew also ecstatically revealed to us Puku (Singapore) Pte Ltd’s expansion plans, “In the coming years, we will first increase the size of the counter in the departmental store. We are also looking into opening up store in Singapore selling mainly all the varieties of Puku’s products.”

“We will continue to improve productivity and quality, ensuring our customers a high level of confidence in us.” Ms Kokoro said assuring. Nothing is impossible, so is success; be patient and success will prevail. With both Mr Andrew and Ms Kokoro’s leadership at helm by improvisation and proffering quality products, it is a cinch that Puku (Singapore) Pte Ltd is at fore of the industry.

Contact Details:
10 Admiralty Street #06-64 North Link Building
T| 6570 0987
F| 6570 0937

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