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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Jason Tan

“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.”~Frank Tibolt. The aforementioned quote by Frank Tibolt is what made Inner View Design & Contracts Pte Ltd came into realization in year 2003. Mr Jason Tan was deeply motivated by the quote and started to take action in initiating Inner View.

Inner View Design & Contracts Pte. Ltd specializes in designing and contracting various scales of interior renovation projects. With a dedicated team and skilful craftsmen differentiate their work from the rest. Inner View ensures all your special requirements are listen, observe and thus deliver accordingly. Inner View is confident to provide you with a pleasant and fun experience for your home improvement project. Coupled with more than 10 good years of accumulated experience in areas such as residential and commercial, it makes Inner View you best choice for your home improvement or office renovation work. Inner View provide a wide range of services such as practical and Aesthetic Design, Residential and commercial Projects, addition & Alteration Construction, Furniture Design & Manufacturing, Strategic Space Management Consultancy, Office Systems, Structural Builder and also Kitchen Electrical Appliances.

Both Mr Jason was previously working in an interior design company where they got the opportunities to learn the ropes of running a roaring trade. “It’s always our dream to be boss. Over time we started to think why not just run my own businesses as an entrepreneur?” Both Mr Jason reminisced on their spur to start out on their own entrepreneurship.

“While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.” -Henry C. Link. Failure is the mother of success. During the initiating of Inner View, many did not have the trust initially due to it’s a new company, and that the 2 bosses were so young then. Be it the supplier, sub-contractors or even their customers trusted them. The jovial partner would always take it as a learning experience, and ameliorate from their challenges.

Due to this stumbling block impeding the progression of Inner View, staffs and personnel have to put immense significance in building up a superfluous teamwork to overcome the impediment. Mr Jason puts pride in the competence of Inner View; being able to establish themselves as stable, capable and reputable company within the suppliers and sub-contractors. Mr Jason mentioned: “For me, I will be most proud of when I am able to reach my vision I set out in the beginning, even when it is an arduous journey.”

To Mr Jason, entrepreneurship is about willingness to try despite of the challenges arising. An entrepreneur should be a creative person who will find innovative ways to create value for customers. “Entrepreneurship is a learning process by which you won’t be able to learn in school. Only through failure and experiences, will you be able to learn. Coupling with a bit of luck, you will be able to transform ideas into realization.” Mr Jason answered when quizzed on what entrepreneurship mean.

A successful business is a dream comes true! “In order for dream to come through, firstly you will need to be hard working. Then take the necessary risk to realize your dream. Once you are in it, make sure you put in your heart and soul into the things you do.” Mr Jason divulged on his perception of a successful entrepreneur.

Mr Jason’s success would not be brought into fruition is it wasn’t for their tenacity, and their faith in taking the first step. When asked if Inner View is having forethoughts for an expansion, “Yes, definitely!” Mr Jason answered with hesitation. “We are looking to have our own building which incorporates our office, showroom, and factory. “ Mr Jason added after contemplation on Inner View tenacious team.

The future for Inner View shall shine and luminescent as the brightest star in the night.

Contact Details:
IMM Building, #03-37 2 Jurong East St. 21
T| 6425 6066
F| 6425 2872

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