Atelier Concept Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Noel Tan
Mr. Victor Chua

The word Atelier, is a French word for “workshop”. In English, it is being used to describe a workshop of artists in fine or decorative arts, where everyone worked together producing pieces of arts. Atelier Concept Pte Ltd chooses this word to depict their company culture of working as a team in their workshop, producing excellent reliability and quality interior design.

In January 2012, the founder, Mr Noel Tan together with his business partner, Victor Chua, achieved their aspiration of entrepreneurship due to their courage, hard work and dedication.

Though Atelier Concept might be a young company compared to many, but with their experienced employees who are dedicated to provide professional services and their 4 well experienced and equipped leaders at helm, nothing seem impossible for this rising company.
Atelier Concept Pte Ltd provide services like Timeless Aesthetic Interior Design, Residential and Commercial Projects, Additions & Alteration Construction, Furniture Design & Manufacturing, Strategic Space Planning, Office systems, Structural Builder and Kitchen Electrical Appliances (Authorized Retailer). You can find all your solutions at in Atelier Concept Pte Ltd, on any problems or doubt about your home or offices.

“Atelier Concept is proud to have gained the confidence and trust of our clients who have also been very supportive” Mr Victor added “In order to gain the confidence from the clients; we prioritize our assignments so to meet the deadline for our task.”
Both Mr Noel and Mr Victor, believe in hard work and that business needs a personal touch. Atelier Concept provides personalizes services which are tailor-made to clients’ needs and expectations, by vowing on giving excellent reliability and quality design. In return, satisfy clients would refer Atelier to their friends and family.

A judicious Mr Noel commented “Our business nature is to provide interior design to our clients. We pride ourselves in having a supportive team who are willing to work hard and to meet clients’ deadlines. Be assured that our team is co-operative, friendly, helpful and independent; self- motivated and self-driven.”

“Teamwork is essential, especially in our trade.” Mr Victor said. Atelier Concept’s success represents the success of their Team, “Without them, there won’t be us.” Mr Victor commented. “Thinking back, our greatest achievement was to start off with nothing to now up and running, even setting up exhibition to show case our company works.” Mr Noel answered when been quizzed on what are the greatest achievements.

It’s everyone dream to be the boss of their own, but it’s not an easy task. Mr Noel who has been through the ups and downs of setting a business shared with us what entrepreneurship means to him. “Being an entrepreneur means you need to know every single thing even down to the smallest details. Unlike working for others, you just need to make sure you complete everything you are task to do. Being an entrepreneur there is much more to that. You need to know everything from manpower planning, skills, job allocation, clients’ demand, employee benefit and many more. In short, you must be jack of all trades.” Mr Noel advocated. Mr Victor added “You definitely need to spend your time and effort in managing the company. What you sow is what you reap, how far your company run, really depend on the effort you put in.”

Atelier Concept yearns to establish themselves as a serious player in the market in the next 5 years. To push the company towards greater height, Atelier Concept constantly seek improvement by keeping abreast of the ever changing trends and personal self-improvement.

Contact Details:
33 Ubi Avenue 3 301-24 Vertex
T| 6659 1521
F| 6659 1522

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