Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Thomas Loh

A successful man is like precious diamond, it has to go through numerous times of crushing, separating, greasing, and cutting before a small, perfectly shaped gemstones is form. In order to be successful, you need to be daring, passionate, diligent, and well plan. You need to see you plan come to past. “You can have interest and passion in the things you are doing, however without a concrete plan backing up, the business will just stay stagnant.” said Mr Thomas Loh; the managing director of Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance Pte Ltd.

Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance Pte Ltd is a company with more than 15 years of experience, specializing in waterproofing and decoration works. It consists of professional team of people, of which most of them have been with the company since establishment. With their years of experiences and sincerity carrying out all major and main projects, it is no wonder many trusted Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance.

Mr Loh owns a warehouse and office situated at Blk 1, Yishun St 23, #03-28 (YS-One), carrying a wide variety of waterproofing materials and well maintained equipments, readily to undertake all kinds of commercial, industrial and residential repair works.

Professionally, Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance specialize in comprehensive rehabilitation and repairs works such as Waterproofing for PU grouting, Torch on membrane, Epoxy Coating, Water leakage repair to ceiling, wall, window frame and etc, Waterproofing to RC Roof, Metal Roof, Tile Roof, Toilet, RC water-tank, Planter box, External wall and etc. Concrete work for Epoxy Grouting (crack line repair) Spalled Concrete, Cement/Sand screed, Cementatious Pressure Grout and etc. General works for Painting, roof maintenance, swimming pool pointing, bathroom renovation. Also high access cleaning work for external wall cladding surface, external glass panel surface and etc.

Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance is a well-established and experienced company whom is committed to provide quick respond, quality workmanship and cost effective waterproofing solutions to all their valued customers. “To me, waterproofing is an art or science of keeping water out or keeping it in.” Mr Loh defined.

As always, experience counts in being propitious in his trade. The business was fraught with impediments when inaugurated though. Possessed with 20 years of solid experiences from his previous work, Mr Loh decided to come out and start Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance. “Initially, our customers were skeptical due to our small manpower of just 2. Many thought we were incompetent.” Mr Loh recounted on the start of the company.

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Liane Cordes. Just like what is mentioned in the quotation, Mr Loh and his team worked nights and days as a sub-con initially. With their limited resources, Mr Loh took up projects be it small or big. “We have wonderful workers who continuously ameliorate themselves. We weren’t complacent; neglectful. We treat every problem facing us seriously, and solve them with a proper resolution.” Mr Loh explained, upon how he resolute his problems. It was not long that Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance started to grow and expand.

Outstanding services, follow-up on the service provided, impeccable quality control. Along with a responsible; well trained and discipline workforce, makes Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance one of a kind in the roaring trade. Leaving no space for impetuosity. “To me, entrepreneurship is all about putting in effort and continuously seeking for improvement. Improvement is never ending, one must always seek self-improvement.” An insightful Mr Loh shared.

When asked if Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance is having forethoughts for an expansion,” Yes definitely! Mr Loh answered without hesitation. “We are looking to open up few more branches focusing in different area. An example would be, one branch targeting the residential area, while the other targeting the commercial area.” Mr Loh announced.
The future for Proof-Tech Waterproofing & Maintenance shall shine as luminescent as the brightest cluster of stars in the night.

Contact Details:
Blk 1 Yishun St 23 #03-28 YS-One
T| 6758 7448
F| 6755 4009

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