Z-ONE Automotive Pte Ltd

Website: www.z-one.com.sg

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Erik Chan Chee Teck

“Z-ONE means the preferred one in the “zone” for services!” Mr Erik Chan Chee Teck exclaimed with exuberance. Indeed, it is such zeal and fervour in his pursuit to provide top notch services to customers that makes Z-ONE Automotive Pte Ltd so successful and different from others.

Z-ONE Automotive Pte Ltd is a one stop solution to automotive owners in Singapore by providing products and services including Insurance, Maintenance, Claims and Repairs, Enhancement of Vehicle performance. Founded in 2011, Mr Chan’s company has gained a good reputation for its transparency in its work processes and excellent service standards. “Customers understand my willingness to serve and help them resolve their automotive problem. They are the ones who inspire and challenge me to do even better and scale greater heights.”

When quizzed on the reasons behind his decision to embark on his entrepreneur journey, Mr Chan shared that he was inspired by his son as he wanted to be successful and be able to provide a comfortable life and give the best he could for future generations. “In 2011, with potential economical growth and demand in top-notch services, I see opportunities in this line of work whereby I can tap on my vast experiences in the automotive industry.

Furthermore, the added incentive of being able to work with my family members exacerbated my decision to start my own business.” Having been in the automotive industry, both local and overseas, for 12 years prior to this, Mr Chan sees opportunities where others don’t as he laments on the decreasing interest in this field from the younger generation. “It is a good business where the majority of our younger generation are not too much hand on with and that is where the golden eggs lie.”

However, life was not a bed of roses when the business took off initially. Problems running the gamut from getting adequate number of customers to sustain the business in the long term, to issues such as balancing the account books were causes of concern for Mr Chan.

Nevertheless, like the Chinese proverb, “With time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes satin.” Mr Chan managed to overcome his struggles through his determination and perseverance. In a bid to differentiate his business, Mr Chan gets his customers involved in the processes and ensures services rendered are transparent. To achieve them, Mr Chan’s company takes picture of every stage of the work processes to update his customers, and to let the owners know that their cars are in proper care and feel justified for every dollar spent. In addition, supportive customers and friends who knew his past working experience, helped to spread the company reputation though word of mouth. Most chose to stick with him after many years of ongoing partnerships.

On a side note, Mr Chan rated the strong cohesiveness among his company staffs working towards a common goal as one of his proudest achievements to date. “I would like to give credits to all those who work hard and strive for the company. Without their utmost commitment in providing first class services to customers, this company wouldn’t be where it is today. Kudos to them.”

In daily operations, sincerity to push oneself to serve is critical. Mr Chan believes that there is never a day whereby he stops learning. Tough customers and ongoing challenges motivate him to work even harder to augment his services. Ergo, it is imperative to know that despite the success that Mr Chan had, he is not taking his foot off the accelerator pedal with further plans for expansion. “Within the next 5 years, I see growth and possible expansion with bigger facilities to cater for more customers in need. Additional enhancements in operations and services are set in as the business grows.”

Lastly, Mr Chan gave his insights on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. “Dreams are important, determination to succeed both in the short and long term is critical. What we do not see, what most of us never suspect of existing, is the silent but irresistible power which comes to the rescue of those who fight on in the face of discouragement. Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance. A successful entrepreneur strives and is always hungry for success.”

Contact Details:
Blk 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-52 Autobay@Kaki Bukit
T| 6634 2112
F| 6634 2122
E| erikchan@z-one.com.sg

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