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Names of Recipients:
Mr. David Lee
Mr. Roy Lim

A happy business is a healthy business. To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s business, one must be able to put down all grudges and work harmoniously as a team; as a family. Dream Solutions’ ultimate goal is to have a working environment, which has no tolerance for politics, where all staffs work as a family; with taut sinews propelling them to success.
Just like their internal slogan: Work as a team, just like a family.

Bosom friends Mr David Lee and Ms Jenny Chen are the brainchild behind the conception of Dream Solutions. Both Mr Lee and Ms Chen were working in a advertising agency, caters integrated marketing solutions for local conglomerates and small-medium enterprises in Singapore. “It was one of toughest time ever faced throughout my working life in this industry.” Ms Chen recollected, “However, it’s a blessing in disguise.” Who knew that this predicament would spark off to a roaring success in the industry. Ms Chen’s previous company had a cesspool of politics floating around, as Ms Chen described: “It was really stressful. To me, it is a stumbling block obstructing my progress. I like this job very much; it’s challenging, andI like challenges. It’s just the environment; it wasn’t suited for me.”

Under this notion, Mr David Lee aspires to start his own company; one that does not involve in any form of politics. “Just a company, which works as a team resembling a family. We work for the well-being of everyone of us, selflessly.” Dream Solutions was soon conceived in 1989 under this spur. Mr Lee had also partnered Ms Jenny Chen in the administration of Dream Solutions. Mr Roy Lim, creative & brand consultant would be in charge of design, advertising & branding whereas Mr Lee would superintend to the operations of the company to provide customers with integrated marketing solutions from branding, A&P, printing & production to event management. With such a superlative modus operandi, Dream Solutions is in full focus to attain what they had been yearning for: Success.

Initiating life as an entrepreneur however, is arduous. “In this industry, it’s important to look for the right people to work. We need talented people as it’s demanding in the creative industry.” Mr David Lee put forward. “A common problem which plagued most budding entrepreneurs is the aspect of financial assets. We weren’t different from them when we first started.” While most entrepreneurs would start creating opportunities to exempt themselves from this plight, Dream Solutions had more than just that to their concerns. “You see, to us, talents in our company are like gems. They are precious to us. To keep them in our company, we as leaders had to treat them like family, and give a good career prospect for them.” Mr Lee said astutely.

With an adept executive director in command, all sales and profits of Dream Solutions would certainly be spent prudently; every single cent would be put to good use. “We make sure every bit of our hard earned money goes to the right place, such as covering overheads. I am glad we did not get a bank loan or financial aids, as it would be more of our liability.” Mr Lee observed. At Dream Solutions, it does not only proffer professional services; it offers a friendship of a lifetime as well. “We work as a team, no projects is handled by an individual, and everybody is involved in each project one way or the other in Dream Solutions. It’s a form of dedication, a form of teamwork.” Ms Chen commented.

Through this dedication; this leverage to the definition of teamwork, Dream Solutions is on the fast lane to success. The company soon managed to have their own property; a bespoke office belonging to Dream Solutions right along Ubi Avenue. What makes Dream Solution proud is not of its materialistic entity. “The establishment of the large clientele base we have, and the period of time that they have stayed loyal with us. This proves that our services comply with their standards. It’s a sense of mutual support.”Ms Chen propounded. “It’s a great experience in this line where we are able to offer our solutions towards a wide range of clienteles and interact with them first hand. In return, we are able to learn from each individual industry, and contribute our knowledge to our success. We are also able to form a friendship with people of many industries as a result.” Mr Lee added.

Ms Chen defined his standpoint of entrepreneurship: “Entrepreneurship is the responsibility where one have for his family, staffs, and his company. It’s something where each and every of your action would not only affect the company, but the staffs as well.” Mr Lee provided his perspective of entrepreneurship as well: “It’s a contribution to the society. It’s where entrepreneurs all over come together and help each other to make the country a better place. Financially, physically, and mentally.”

“The name Dream Solution is conceived as an inspiration. We encourage everybody to “dream” for your goals. Alternatively, we wanted to let customers know what we are doing; a solution provider to fulfill every entrepreneur’s dream in the form of providing our integrated marketing solutions.” an illustrious Ms Chen elucidated.

As aforesaid, responsibility plays a big role in an entrepreneurship. Responsibility does not just apply on the business itself. “Responsibility should be applied for the family, the career and the man himself. An entrepreneur that neglects his family and himself is a bad entrepreneur.” Ms Chen regarded. “Be humble, be willing to learn and don’t be afraid to be taken advantage of. That’s the basics of the learning process which all entrepreneur had to go through in order to succeed.” an intrepid Ms Chen added.

According to the duo, expansion plans for Dream Solutions is already in the pipelines. “Currently ‘public relations’ and ‘multimedia’ is always outsourced, we want to provide these services from our in-house team. We have the right people to provide these services, so I see great prospects down the road.” Ms Chen said with assurance.

“People have character… so do brands. You judge a person’s character by his past performance and the way he thinks and acts in both good times, and especially bad. The truth is the same with brands.” Ms Chen, an avid reader, advocated. “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” Mr Lee interpreted.

Contact Details:
33 Ubi Avenue 3
#03-24 The Vertex
T| 6747 4353
F| 6748 2353
E| david@dreamgroup.com.sg


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