GEE Credit

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Wilson Yap

Gee Credit a Professional Licensed Money Lending Company approved by IPTO (Registry of Moneylenders) was established in year 2009. Gee Credit provides legal financial loans to Singaporean, Singapore PRs and foreigners holding valid employment passes in Singapore. “We provide all sort of loans such as, Education Loan, Medical Loan, Business loan, Payday Loan and also other Personal Loan.” Mr Yap explicated. To instill the trust in their entire customer, Gee Credit runs the business with strict rules to ensure every moneylending accounts in their hands are professionally and efficiently dealt with. “We do customizing of packages to cater to every individual needs accordingly.” Mr Yap stated. At Gee Credit, your trust and confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Like many other businesses, Mr Yap met with roaring challenges at the start of the business. As a moneylending company, healthy cash flow in the business is important. However, they do meet customers that are unwilling to return the money on time due, which will affect the business flow badly. As much as they understand the different situation of each customer, from time to time they do need to chase after the bad debts for the continuity of the business. With new rules implemented, moneylending firms are not allows do to public advertising which add on to the challenges in this industry.

Facing the advert challenges, Mr Yap did not surrender to the situation but instead he held firm on his belief. Mr Yap’s greatest advantage is his optimistic character, in face of every obstacle he would think and source for alternative solutions. “Word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement for us!” Mr Yap replied when quizzed on how then he managed to overcome the challenges. In Gee Credit, they believe in providing the best services with relatively low interest rate will help attract customers. “Only when they have a pleasant experience with us, then will they recommend others to us.” Mr Yap expounded.

As aforementioned, entrepreneurship is all about perseverance and innovation; the ability to see your ideas and dreams come to past. This is certainly true for Mr Yap, being able to come out with alternative solution in face of the ever changing world. “Like life, all business comes with highs and lows. You need to survive through the lows in order to succeed. Be sure to stick to your vision, and do not digress from it.” Mr Yap mentioned astutely.

“A simple thank you from the customer at the end of the day is the greatest achievement for everyone in Gee Credit.” Mr Yap elaborated when quizzed on what is the greatest achievement to date. “I would like to specially thank everyone in Gee Credit, it is by working as a team together, that makes us who are we now.” Mr Yap expressed his heartfelt gratitude.

Mr Yap went on sharing some of the company’s expansion plans with gusto. “In the coming 5 years, we are looking at opening another 5 to 10 more outlet in neighborhood around Singapore to serve the people. We wish to reach out to more people by locating ourselves at places that is easily located by the public.”

Through the story of Gee Credit, it encapsulates the true meaning of entrepreneur. With such as ambitious and optimistic man such as Mr Yap at fore, Gee Credit’s future is beyond ones imagination.

Contact Details:
5001 Beach Road #03-35 Golden Mile Complex
T| 6396 3665 / 6396 5924
135 Jurong Gateway Rd
T| 6896 0908

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