Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Steven Lim

Satisfaction is an entrepreneur’s greatest achievement. Satisfaction does not discriminate. Satisfaction does not care who the person is or where they come from. Satisfaction is an intriguing concept that any entrepreneur can accomplish. Regardless of the scale of the business, an entrepreneur could procure satisfaction when he sees the results reaped and proliferated from his actions.

Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction Pte Ltd specialized in concrete Roof Leakages, Metal Roof Leakages, Tile Roof Leakages, Toilet Flow Leakages, Brick Wall Leakages, Ceiling Work, Tile Roof Washing, External Wall Painting Work, Internal Wall Painting Work and Maintenance Work. The Waterproofing system they used such as, PVC Preformed Waterproofing system, Acrylic Polymer Gel Waterproofing System, Torch-on Modified Bitumen Waterproofing System, Internal Concrete Repair System and PU Grouting System. The leader behind all operations is none other than Mr Steven Lim. Mr Lim explicated the reasons behind commencing Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction Pte Ltd: “It was all about the aspiration to develop full proof waterproofing solutions to all. Hence, I decided to start out this business.”

Mr Lim’s business acumen stretched back to 20 years ago, when he was working in a waterproofing company. Mr Lim’s dream was to provide full proof waterproofing solution since young. He was determining in achieving his dream, therefore, he started working and learned all the necessary skills and knowledge. “I chose to become an entrepreneur as I have the ability to create opportunities for others and also to contribute to the society.” Mr Lim stated.

It’s a cinch for many budding businesses to be fraught with financial difficulties at its initiation. Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction was no different. However, a true outstanding leader will surpass all odds by making do within his means. One great example of such feat is none other than Mr Lim. “Without much capital on hand, I am not able to set up my own office at the start. I started the business working from home. It was tough! People will definitely doubt our ability and credibility.” No adversity is too arduous for the best entrepreneurs, what Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction upholds is to serve people with sincerity. “What makes us so special is that we work as a team and we work really hard. Only as a team, we are able to strengthen our services to our customers and to overcome problems met in running Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction.” Mr Lim added on, describing what makes Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction superior from the trade. Super superiority had aided Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction to prosperity and imminent success.

What makes Mr Lim proud of Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction is not about its materialistic achievements, but the way the company stands in face of setbacks and the satisfaction after every project. “With limited resources, we are able to overcome all the problems of our team. To me, this marks the greatness of our company itself, being able to have the quality of the team.” Mr Lim expressed his high regards on the quality of his team.

“My motivation comes from people; the customers, who had supported us. Without them, we would not possess the courage to push on when met with problems.” Mr Lim continued, “My family members play an important role in my life as well. With their endless encouragement, I am all geared up to provide my best to my family. To me personally, I think that entrepreneurship is a form of contribution to the society. Throughout the operations of Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction, I realized that an entrepreneurship is formed by the support of the public. They are the one who helped our business to grow. Without them, there won’t be success.” Through the application of hard work, practicality and humility, Mr Lim’s attempt in the entrepreneurial journey is a role model for many to learn from.

Success does not come easily. “Only through diligence, the ability to look at situation and determination, then success will be realized.” If one is too arrogant, he shall not succeed, as he will see improvement as unnecessary. “An entrepreneur must be down-to-earth, practical, and humble.” Mr. Lim urged. “In my personal opinion, only with all these qualities, then an entrepreneur has the capability to succeed.” Mr Lim also shared some expansion plans for Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction “Our plan is to expand Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction and to be able to take up bigger projects in the near future. Only by growing the company bigger, we will be able to help more people out there.”

Though Mr Lim’s persistence, Wang Seng Waterproofing Construction is now a locally renowned waterproofing contractor. However, his persistence does not stop here. Mr Lim’s tenacity toward success is something all of us can learn from.

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