Balanced Consultancy

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Vincent Tay
Mr. Benjamin

Start small, build deep, dream big. This is what the directors of Balanced Consultancy, Mr Vincent and Mr Benjamin, believe in as they begin their pursuit of building their empire. “The key ingredient is the Success of Balance. With a good philosophy, success will follow suit. With this philosophy that people believe in, we manage to have a dedicated team who works as hard as us and are willing to work for long hours. Benjamin and I are just like a catalyst. It is my team who is the one that makes the contributions and hard work and bring the company to where it is today,” espoused Mr Vincent.

Balanced Consultancy is an IT firm that specialises in customised business solutions and creating mobile applications to better help companies engage customers and stakeholders and also helping firms advertise or start their marketing campaign on Facebook Applications. Furthermore, the company has a meaningful philosophy to contribute back to society. “Balanced Consultancy is founded in the premise of doing GOOD. This is the reason why we contribute 10% of all our efforts to reach out to non-profit and charity organizations,” shared Mr Benjamin.

The directors of the company have known each other since secondary school. It has been their dream all along to start their own business. Such ambitions were all put on hold as both gentlemen went on to their respective colleges upon graduation. Vincent was pursuing his studies in the technical field such as application development, data base and security system. On the other hand, Benjamin was more into strategy planning, organisational development and product development. Coincidentally, it was only during one of the days when both childhood friends bumped into each other during a basketball game did they start to discuss the idea of starting a business together again. “We started to talk about what we can do together with our skills and experience in our respective field,” recalled Vincent.

Like most newly start-up companies, the duo found themselves mired in a myriad of problems initially. “Being a new company, we don’t have the track records of our competitors. It was hard to convince customers to believe in our abilities that though we are new, we can still produce quality work,” explained Benjamin, “there also needs to be discipline to be accountable to your business.”

To overcome all challenges, the two directors needed to put in extra hours and hard work by working like an octopus, handling a lot of things everyday by themselves. “Everyday, there are new stuffs to learn. Keep improving and put in a lot of hard work to gain the trust from my clients” advocated Vincent.

Furthermore, with the meaningful philosophy that the company adopts, believing in giving 10% of their resources to the non-profit organisations and charity, many were willing to give them a chance to show their worth.

Sharing about their views on what entrepreneurship means to them, Benjamin said, “It’s all about action. You can give a good talk and come out with a lot of business ideas, but it still remain as just ideas per se. You need to turn your big dreams into reality through perseverance and resilience.” Vincent felt that one must have a strong heart and the willingness to learn and withstand setbacks.
Hence, what keeps the two constantly motivated to excel despite all the hurdles that stymied their progress? “Personal faith in God and the believe that there is a reason for everything that happens. Yes, there will be setbacks along the way, but after the setbacks, who actually benefit from them? It is the charitable organisations and those people that we are reaching out to. This is what keeps me going daily,” explicated Benjamin.

To Vincent, it is all about believing in the whole business philosophy of this company and the vast amount of support of his colleagues. “I’m thankful to have such a dedicated team of colleagues. Without their support, I wouldn’t have imagined Balanced Consultancy to come so far.”

From starting out initially as a two man crew to now an ever increasing headcount in the company, this indeed bears testament to the potential and progress that Vincent and Benjamin have made over the years.

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195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #02-13
T| 6438 2006

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