Allianzze Construction Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Shafi

Incorporated in late 2008, Allianzze Construction Pte Ltd came to realization by a dedicated leader, Mr Shafi. Passion has allowed him to build his entrepreneurship skills from scratch. Mr. Shafi started his entrepreneurial journey all the way back when he was merely 17 years old. “I have built businesses in different industries such as, trading, IT and even the marine industry. Every industry needs various skill sets, but it all boils down to how you manage your business.” “Timing is also important in managing your business. You do not need luck to start your business but a keen market sense, a strong mind set and a very positive mental attitude”.

With the leadership of Mr. Shafi, Allianzze Construction Pte Ltd has grown in strength and pioneered in its own field. The company now professionalizes in Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems (ACMV) mainly to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

With humble beginnings of just 20 staff, Allianzze Construction has grown rapidly over the last four years to a team of trained and experienced staff of almost a 100 strong work force. Each of the staff are strategically positioning in the origination to meet the very requirements of an ever evolving industry. No expense is spared to ensure that each one of them are properly equipped with the right training to ensure our individual customers requirements are met each time and every time, says Mr. Shafi. “We are proud to say that we provide a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION”

Expanding on, we have managed to secure a production factory that now designs fabricate and build ACMVs to meet the industry standards. We have also gone on to certify our originations with ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 to ensure that we are dedicated to our customers at all times.

Mr. Shafi shares, “In the past when we just started out, we were met with many obstacles, rejections and being a young company, lack of confidence in us from our customers”.

However difficult our adversities were, I never let my guard down, only to pick myself up and find solutions. Being an entrepreneur is tough, but with persistence, success will be realized “We knew we needed to penetrate the market and to do so, we had to first build up our company image.” We stared taking on small jobs as subcontractors, along the way we have gained much recognition from our allies in the industry giving us the much need push in the right direction in securing larger jobs and building customer’s satisfaction in the process and progress. Being nn entrepreneur is also about pushing your boundaries and never stops improving. Lastly, you must be driven by your passion and not just the money. Only that way, you can be successful.”

Eventually, all the hard work paid off when, Mr. Shafi went on to be awarded the Successful Entrepreneur 2011 and Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2012. He says “Success in not always measured in the awards that you get but what the industry throws at you and how you make the best of every given situation to come up tops. Though there are many challenges faced, don’t be afraid, all challenges will make you stronger.”

The future of Allianzze Construction Pte Ltd looks prolific with Mr. Shafi at the helm of his ship, a marvelous leader indeed.

Contact Details:
126 Joo Seng Goldpine Industrial Building #04-06
T| 6282 9810
F| 6282 9811

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