MG Solution Container Engineering


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Amos Lye W.L.

MG Solution Container Engineering Specialist & Trading was the brainchild of Mr Amos Lye.W.L, established in 1996. Mr Amos’s tenacity and unadulterated hard work rode MG Solution Container Engineering Specialist & Trading through all the ups and downs. Today, it is a thriving firm specializes in container engineering, providing a one stop solution involving containers for all needs. What drove the founder Mr Amos to venture all out with the business, is none other than his supportive family, friends and his clients. “With my 20 years of experiences in this industry, together with our experienced engineers and pool of skilled workers, we present a high quality product for you and your company.” Mr Amos expounded.

In the course of the initiation, MG Solution Container Engineering Specialist & Trading has certainly come far. MG Solution Container Engineering Specialist & Trading’s success has not been without sweat and tears. Starting out as a new company, many were unaware and uncertain of the company. He started looking for friends to support and started as a 3rd party providing services to customers. It was only until 2011, where he owes his own corporate website. Nevertheless, MG Solution has emerged successful in spite of the setback, with smoother operating procedures, a larger pool of manpower and business kept coming back one after another. Mr Amos concede that he believes his company’s success in overcoming the obstacles should be attributed to his closely knitted team of workers and their dedication.

What segregates MG Solution and from the other companies in the industry is the fact that the company takes pride in what they do. “We provide one stop solution from customizing, designing, building to modifying the container according to your requirements.” Mr Amos indicated upon MG Solution’s puritanical operations. Through communicating and his clients, Mr Amos is able to generate ideas according to their requirements with a personal touch to it. That is what makes MG Solution stood out among all his competitors.

“Being able to lead a team of workers, and attaining recognition from the public,” continued Mr Amos, who is very proud of his achievement. “Positive testimonials and customers’ satisfaction always spur me on to push the whole company to the next level. Everyone in the team is all being motivated to strive in the same way.” “Determination, patience, commitment, sincere and integrity are integral,” Mr Amos advocated what entrepreneurship is all about. “Don’t follow the crowd, but learn to follow your heart. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams, even if it fails, learn to pick yourself up.” Mr Amos advocated.

A perceptive Mr Amos then shared: “To be successful in business, you need to have patient and perseverance. You also need to be diligent and work for it. You need to be able to work honestly and sincerely in order to have more patrons. Treat every obstacle as a stepping stone in the learning journey to bring you to the next level.” Mr Amos accented “一步一脚印” which means to take a step at a time. One should learn how to walk before learning how to fly.

MG Solution won’t just stop here; they will continue to sort after bigger projects to challenge themselves. “We will continue to improve our productivity and quality, giving out customers a high level of confidence in us.” Mr Amos said with affirmation. As MG Solution’s quest for supremacy goes on, it shall redefine the entrepreneurial definition along the way. With supreme leader like Mr Amos, along with its team of dedicated workers, MG Solution shall continue to grow and be prolific in the future.

Contact Details:
14A Benoi Sec
T| 6862 5537
F| 6862 5140

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