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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Sim Kay Liang

Success is only procured through courage, the courage of having the ability to try and generate opportunities towards success. However, many people do not find the courage in themselves and to get out of their comfort zone. This lack of tendency will obstacle many in search of greater derivations, and become their stumbling block to success. “Many people will always think that the grass is always greener on the other side, but the actual fact is that the grass will be greener at your side if you water and nurture it well. Just like in any businesses, as long as you put your heart and soul into building up the company it will definitely grow.” Said Mr Sim Kay Liang.

Mr Sim Kay Liang started SKL Pte Ltd since 1995, it is now a leading specialist in design, supply, fabrication and installation of architectural aluminum and steel structure works for the building construction industry. SKL also render specialized services in a client oriented manner. SKL has a vast industry experience and expertise in providing Architectural solutions to their entire client base. The service range in SKL includes aluminum and metal cladding systems, aluminum curtain wall systems, glass facades, steel structures works and skylights fixing.

SKL’s top priority is to meet client’s requirements in customized design, fabrication and installation of Architectural solutions. SKL also seek continual improvement in all that they do and aim to build growth through good reputation and timely deliveries. The committed and self-disciplines within the company are the main driving forces in delivering the best of services to every clients and projects. Relentlessly efforts are made to keep abreast with new technologies and the changing landscape of construction industry. “In SKL we embrace the philosophy of everyday learning and gaining experience. We strongly believe in creating a learning organization with continuous investments in machinery and people developments.” Mr Sim explicated.

“Life is not all a bed of roses when I first started SKL.” Mr Sim reminisced. Waves of problem came crushing at Mr Sim and his team of employees at the start of the business. “We were lacking of manpower at the start in getting the projects done, also I started receiving calls from my employees about fabrication mistakes. At the end of the day, instead of making a profit we actually made a lost from all the projects we took up.” Mr Sim expounded on the difficulties met at SKL’s initialization.

Mr Sim always believes that nothing is impossible as long as he were to put in his 100% effort in finding the best solution for the situation encountered. “I will make a trip down personally to the various sites and understand the problems faced and brainstorm for a solution. Every project bound to have problems, but we never fail to complete the project as promise to the client.” Mr Sim added, “There is no problem that is too hard to handle or to resolve it.”

“In SKL, we make sure that we provide better services and faster respond to all enquires. We also make sure that the materials used are of good quality. We seize every opportunity even if it is a challenging and difficulty case. That’s how we differentiate ourselves from others in this industry.” Mr Sim elucidated.

The rewards for being an entrepreneur are not just measured by monetary. “Seeing the company grew from nothing to become something is the best reward I had in my entrepreneur’s journey.” Mr Sim remarked with a beam on his face. “Receiving the award Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2012 doesn’t means we’ve reached our destination, it is a recognition of our hard work for the past 10 years.” Mr Sim added, “We are definitely looking into expanding our markets locally and also globally if we were given the opportunity.”
“Entrepreneurship is all about being able to do something you are passionate in, and that you have the full control of how the company should run. Also only by being a boss, I have the ability to help others by providing people with job vacancy and developing them.” Mr Sim divulged on what entrepreneurship means to him. ”

“Leadership is a key factor to success, coupled with passion and responsibilities you will be able to go very far in your journey. Not forgetting preparation. To have a proper preparation for anything that comes by your way, you need to have hard work, dedication and commitment.” Mr Sim shed the light on attaining success.

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