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Name of Recipient:
Mr. David Ng

The investigatory industry is one of the most arduous, in the range of a full gamut of industries, which ever exist. An investigation might last for half a year, without any yields. An investigator must sport a keen eye, meticulous; rational thoughts. A high level of proficiency. A touch of maladroit might lead to a break in the investigation.

“Certainly, the reaps of running my very own business is indeed marvelous. But, what’s the point of running an average joe, plain jane business?” Mr Ng, commenting on the mundane manner of running a run-of-the-mill business.

Albeit the less redeeming qualities of partaking in the investigatory industry, Mr David Ng, chose to DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Private Limited. A firm adroit in private investigations and computer forensics.

“Therefore i commenced DP Quest Investigation Consultancy in 2005.” explained Mr Ng. “There are boundless of interesting; exciting issues to encounter along this line, and it reaps. It’s as enthralling as your mind allows you to comprehend.”

“At first, it wasn’t easy starting up the business. Thankfully, i had the rapport of my family and friends. They spurred me on for what i have today.” commented Mr Ng, upon the days when the company commerced with only 2 employees.
“In this line, sometimes it’s required for us to travel abroad, such as Japan, London, and the United States just to stakeout on a target. We work in a very volatile environment.” added Mr Ng. A cinch, when demanding customers, physical attacks, and personal exposures are rife in the industry.

Despite so, not everybody is masterful enough to be able to handle the action-packed, spine-tingling, riveting job in the investigatory industry. “Therefore we are very meticulous with our recruitment. We only hire the right man; a man with integrity, for the right job; success or failure is all responsible on how the man works.” explained Mr Ng.

With comprehensive, proficient training, DP Quest Investigation Consultancy is at a professional level, being able to obtain irrefutable evidence for our clients that can be legally recognized in the court of law. “There are demanding clients for sure, but we are able to expound them on the conditions we are working at. All in all, we strive to achieve a win-win solution for both our clients, and our skillful men.” Mr Ng accentuated emphatically.

“Success come by the way through passion and hardwork.” Mr Ng stated. “Being fervor for what you do, and being determined, you would be able to see the reaps.” Mr Ng advocated, upon entrepreneurs yearning to initiate their own business.

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