RS Automotive Workshop

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Richard C.M. Wong

Most of the big successful business you see, most of them stated small and dream big! However, there is a price to pay; hard work, endless worries, commitment and your dedication to the company. Success does not happen overnight, likewise for RS Automotive Workshop. Only a methodical entrepreneur would be able to drive his business to success. Mr Richard C.M.Wong; founders of RS Automotive workshop; are one of the fine examples.

For RS Automotive Workshop success does not happen overnight. Despite Mr Wong;s vast experience in the industry, RS Automotive Workshop was still fraught with hurdles when it first initiated. “We were new at that time, and we were oblivious to the public.” Mr Wong illustrated on RS Automotive workshop’s issue when is first started. However, Mr Wong manages to pull through with determination; enduring and step a step at a time through the predicament regardless how onerous it is. “What really helped us pull through is the word of mouth from satisfied clients. Their favorable mention is what made us stand upright along with the other brands in the industry.” Mr Wong added. Eventually, from renting a small workshop space for their business, it grew and Mr Wong started getting bigger shop space. “We will not stop growing; now we are in the midst of getting our 2nd workshop.” Mr Wong shed some light on the expansion plan for RS Automotive Workshop.

Behind his success, Mr Wong’s family had given him much rapport since initiation. Despite how many setbacks laid in the course to success; fraught with hurdles, the family had been supporting Mr Wong’s decisions and resolutions. “Wanting to provide my best for my family; especially my kids, they had been my spur for doing well.”

RS Automotive Workshop believes with their proficient, skilled and experienced staffs; customers will be impressed and satiated with RS Automotive delivery, impeccable workmanship, and sublime customer service. RS Automotive Workshop provides a one stop solution for their customer, even on services that they do not include. Mr Wong will find a sub-contractor to get the services done and return the customer’s car within the time limit. “We focus on the service we provide and not price war. We strongly believe, as long as the services provided are good, customer will definitely keep coming back.” Mr Wong asserted.

Mr Wong explains “He or she needs to believe and set out to do the things, and what every it takes to make it successful. The greatest challenge of an entrepreneur is not about how to set up a company, but how to maintain and grow the business. You must have self-assurance that you can do it! And that is the main key to success.” an insightful Mr Wong added “To me; entrepreneurship is all about going through hardship and continuously improves on your business. Hardship is the price to pay for success, and it is worth every bit.” Mr Wong then commented on how driven he is when it comes to his work and career as an entrepreneur “Challenges bound to happen, challenges is a mean to help you grow and learn throughout for journey. Don’t cry over the spilt milk when things happen, learn to find a solution instead.”

Do not ebb on just a minor setback. Do not be disquiet on a futility. Perseverance is the key to setting up a successful business. One must have realistic goals, optimistic thinking and work towards it. Do not be feckless and do not be afraid of failure, take every obstacle as an opportunity to learn.” Mr Wong advocates young entrepreneurs, planning to start their own business.

“Despite of the economic crisis, we are growing every year. With our close relationship with the customers, we believe that RS Automotive Workshop will continue to grow.” Mr Wong expounded. With such a proficient, potent and professional headman leading upfront, it is facile to fathom why RS Automotive Workshop is superior in the sphere. It shall prosper and morphs tenaciously in time to come.

Contact Details:
Blk 3006 Ubi Road 1 #01-394
T| 9182 6089

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