Fidgets Grandstand Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Adeline Woo

One of the pioneers in this industry, Fidgets is a family entertainment centre with indoor playground for kids and this provides a place for parents to gather and also let their kids have fun.

Its always a challenge to find suitable staff. “It was not easy to find local retail staff, even those suitable candidates, many were not willing to work on weekend or retail timing.” While the thought of hiring overseas workers is a viable option, work permit ratio poses yet another challenge. “We must first hire local employee, then apply for a work permit. It’s back to square one of finding the right local personnel who is willing to work with us,” Ms Woo lamented.

With the passion and determination to make a success out of the business, Ms Woo knew she had to do whatever it takes to overcome the initial struggles. To attract more local employees, the company tries to promote a work life balance which includes one weekday and one weekend off, which will enable staffs to have more time to bond with their own family members. However, this means that operations cost increases as they need to hire more manpower. “We are currently looking at hiring more mature and experienced people. They are more knowledgeable,” Ms Woo disclosed about her hiring criteria.

Furthermore, Turf City is currently undergoing a change in landlord and renovation at most of the outlets; there is a lot of uncertainty. Communication becomes an issue as many thought they had moved to another location or was undergoing renovation.
To ensure customers do not go away with the idea that the company had relocated, Ms Woo uses a lot of signboards to direct people to the outlet in Turf City and remind people that they are still around despite all the changes and renovation around.

With the increasing competition in the industry, Ms Woo always knew she could not afford to be complacent and hence product differentiation is the key to maintaining the edge within the industry. “We provide value for money with the unlimited play time upon just paying one entry price. Furthermore, customers prefer our bigger space area which again is value for money. We provide additional services such as party hosting and included a wide variety of food choices into our new menu. Thus far, the changes have been well received by client,” Ms Woo explicated.

Already, Ms Woo has plans for expansion within the next 5 years. Craft enriching programmes that help children with the EQ or other soft skills are some of the areas that the company is looking at currently. “We aim to help the kids develop as well. For instance, moving into music, cooking or even baking. We want Fidgets Grandstand to be part of every child’s childhood memory,” Ms Woo shared with fervour. Plans to source for more locations and outlets are ongoing with the eventual concept of having a franchise being the ultimate aim.

Lastly, Ms Woo gave her inputs about entrepreneurship and some words of advice for young entrepreneurs-to-be. “Entrepreneurship is about having the leap of faith, the courage and the discipline to follow through your business model. Without a doubt, all this requires a lot of planning and trial and error before you know if the model works. Nevertheless, through these, you gain experience and eventually, you have to make the final decision. Weigh the balance between customers’ satisfaction and profit levels. Be that as it may, I urge all of you to try and experience all these intricacies yourself. It is all part of growing up. You never try, you will never know.”

Contact Details:
200 Turf Club Road #03-10 The Grandstand
T| 6466 7611 / 6763 4905
F| 6491 6554

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