Y-Axis I.D Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Stanley Tay
Mr. Desmond Teoh
Mr. Steven Yong

“Don’t rush into thing, take risks but know your limit. Maintain positive relationship with your partners through Interaction. Everyone made up the company; they are the combination of all parts,” espoused Mr Stanley Tay, one of the three directors of Y-AXIS Interior Design, on his opinions of entrepreneurship.

Started out as a three man company mainly involved in interior design and renovation, the company soon ventured into specialising in providing one stop renovation, consultation, design concept, space planning, site- coordinating and after-sales service. Moreover, the ability of the team was never in doubt as all of them possess over 10 years of experience in this field. Started out working at home, with each project that they clinched, the end result was above satisfactory and the company soon gained a reputation for their excellent customer orientation and after-sales service. Through word of mouth, they began to see the fruits of their labour as a deluge of projects started pouring in. On 21 may 2010, the company started their own show room so customers could have a comfortable and cosy place for them to discuss deals.

Life was not a bed of roses for Mr Tay and his partners as they had to face perennial issues such as manpower. “We needed to find quality sales executive and coordinators to ensure good service from them. Opportunities will be given to all and training will be provided. Yet, the problem was the dearth of applicants for the job,” Mr Tay lamented.

Also, being a new company, many do not know them and were apprehensive to engage their services. However, using their vast knowledge and a never-say-die attitude, they were able to persuade the house owners. “Make the impossible possible with perseverance,” Mr Tay advocated.

To differentiate themselves from other companies, the directors decided to employ young designers with creative and daring ideas to reach out for customers that wants unique and bold suggestions. “The ideas that people might not dare to use, but if we try to push to the customers and they like it, the benefits will be multifold,” Mr Tay shared. That is also why the company name is as such – Symbolise the company as a whole moving upwards like the Y-AXIS in a graph.

With the courage to use new products and introduce them to the market, Y-AXIS Interior Design stood out as a very focused company that can reach out to the masses and also the minority. “Of course, while we are sincere in presenting our ideas to the customers, we won’t force them if they reject the ideas,” Mr Tay added.

Answering about his proudest moment to date in business, Mr Tay explicated that he was blessed to get a team of professional and loyal staffs in his company. “After a sale, should customers want to find the person in-charge, they will still be around even though the turnover is very fast in this industry. It doesn’t happen in Y-AXIS,” Mr Tay said with aplomb. Team work. Bonding of the staffs. Indeed, the greatest assets of any company are the staffs!

Lastly, Mr Tay has some words of advice for budding entrepreneurs, “Plan financially before making any decision. Know the industry well before venturing in. You need to be able to take pressure and stress and still work harder than anyone else. More importantly, you need to learn to listen to others. Listen to your customers, listen to your staffs, and lend them your listening ear. If unsure, seek the right people for help and advice such as learning or talking to other successful entrepreneurs.”

Contact Details:
1 Ubi View #01-22 Focus One
T| 6742 3159 / 6742 3102
F| 6634 4221
E| enquiry@yaxis-id.com.sg

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