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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Mangai S

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. This is epitomised by the director of Raagav Maid Agency Pte Ltd, Ms Mangai S, who has been working in the same industry for the past 14 years as a staff for someone else. With the wealth of experience that she had and the encouragement of her husband to start the business, Ms Mangai finally decided to become an entrepreneur herself and set up this company.

Raagav Maid Agency Pte Ltd is a firm that specialises in the recruitment of domestic worker or helper for employers to get them the right fit. The company’s domestic helpers are mainly from Southern and Northern India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

When she first started the business, problems were ubiquitous, like a magnetic attraction. Generating revenue was a big problem as she was the only one in the company, holding different roles and with no clue if this venture was going to be a success. She had to study to get the licence required to start the business and it was of no mean feat at all. Above all, Ms Mangai had to deal with close competition from the various companies and to take care of the maid’s remuneration. “Life was like a bullet train back then with so many problems awaiting me to resolve and there just wasn’t enough time,” recalled Ms Mangai.

However, nothing was ever going to defeat the steely determination and fire in Ms Mangai. With the experience that she had accumulated over the years, studying for the test was made easier as she could relate certain issues back to her experience. To differentiate her business from close competitors, Ms Mangai researched and did her study about what the others were doing and the rates they were charging so as to keep abreast with the latest trends and information. “You have to really be on your toes all the time. Consumers will compare prices and the overall value of the packages from different firms before deciding to opt for the service. They are very knowledgeable. My aim was and is still to provide the most value-added service to my clients and ensure quality of the helpers is top notch,” Ms Mangai explicated.

When it comes to achievements and fulfilment, nothing beats receiving the thumbs up from your own customers and seeing the business grow from strength to strength. Ms Mangai shared, “Most of the customers feedbacks were good and I received emails that our service is up to the mark and our clients will recommend their friends to come to us if they needed our service. This is the best reward that one can have when you have your own business.” Furthermore, even when the maid does turns out to be a fiasco, the clients will still keep the rapport with the company and stay in contact. This bears testament to the trust and positive relationship that Ms Mangai develops with her clients. Indeed, after-service is an important part of the overall package that firms today need to have the edge in the industry.

Hence, what motivates Ms Mangai to constantly excel? “The motivation is the job itself. I love handling clients; I simply love resolving people’s problems. Consulting with the maid is fruitful. Instead of just making changes, solving the issues is better.

“I am grateful for my husband, Mr Sundaram Krishnaraju’s unconditional support for me. Without his encouragement and motivation to start this business, I won’t be where I am today.” Ms Mangai expressed her deepest gratitude.

Lastly, Ms Mangai has some words of wisdom to share with regards to her perspective about the secrets to success in business. “Number one, Patience! This is very important and is fundamental to the success of your endeavours. Gain the necessary experience before starting your own business. If you are in an industry that needs to follow guidelines, do go and read up. Go onto the internet and read up, the rest will fall into place with experience. Therefore, be accurate when explaining the terms and agreements with clients and distributors. Most importantly, be careful with money issues. This is the most sensitive issue that one can ever have. Always be prompt in your payments, be it remuneration or to your providers. With a good relationship between the different parties, you can be sure your business is sure to thrive with such good fundamentals.”

Raagav Maid Agency Pte Ltd
Ministry Of Manpower LIC : 11C4450
Director : Mangai S
Contact No: 6299 0921
Fax No: 6299 0621
Email: consult@raagavmaids.com.sg or raagavmaids@yahoo.com.sg

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46B Upper Dickson Road S(207501)
T| 6299 0921
F| 6299 0621
E| raagavmaids@yahoo.com.sg

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