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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Sharon Ong

Before you decide to ever start your own business, always ASK yourself these few questions: What you see in this business? What are the challenges you see? How are you able to overcome them? How are you better than others? “Through these questions, you will be able to see if the business is profitable and whether you can accomplish your goals,” advocated Ms Sharon Ong, the director of D5 Studio Image Pte Ltd.

Started in 2003, the company is a renovation firm that focuses on residential projects when it first started. Along the years, it grew and now the range of projects that the company is taking includes retailers and commercial buildings. Coming from a background in building technology and architecture which Ms Ong studied back in her university days, it was only natural that she ventures into this industry one day. Having started by working as a project coordinator, she eventually switches into the construction line as the satisfaction after the completion of each project ignited her passion and interest in this field.

The reasons behind the name of this company are as such: D – means designing. 5- means the 5 senses which is to see, feel, touch, hear and taste. “This name is to symbolise that every house we design must satisfy the 5 senses of the customers,” explicated Ms Ong.
“Working for others out there has a lot of restrictions. Work for yourself and you have a lot of control over your life. There is freedom for creativity and you basically are free to choose and handle different projects and take care of issues such as cost of production and manpower,” Ms Ong explained her reasons for having her own business.

Nevertheless, there are a plethora of problems that awaits the boss in any business when he or she first started. Ms Ong was no exception either. With great power come great responsibilities. Being the director of her company, there were a lot of issues that she had to shoulder initially such as Manpower, getting a suitable work space and attracting clients to a new firm. “We started with half a rented HDB. Only recently did we move to Midview City whereby we have our own workplace. Being brand new in the market, it was really challenging to get clients to trust us to do a good job,” Ms Ong revealed.

With her back against the wall, it took real determination and steely mental strength to be able to overcome the problems bit by bit, one by one. For Ms Ong, her strategy was to place emphasis on services, responsibility, and diligence for work to get things done on time. Though they are a new company, they managed to prove to all their clients that their experience counts for little so long as they are able to produce quality results. Being a greenhorn has its advantages too! “From the start, we have some loyal clients’ support and even after so many years, my clients are still coming back to us. In fact, the client’s base referrals form a large part of our pool of clients and such referrals definitely gave a huge boost to my team’s confidence in our work,” Ms Ong shared with aplomb.

These days, the turnover rate for manpower comes thick and fast. However, Ms Ong is glad that her designers still stay with the firm till today and that is one big factor that attracts customers. “Believe in teamwork to make all the impossible possible! Work as a family by sharing experience with one another and grow together as a team. The end results will be startling,” Ms Ong espoused.
To further differentiate her company from the rest, Ms Ong believes in putting in a lot of personal touch and treats all her customer as friends. She always emphasize on customising to every customer needs and not give a package price so as to allow customers the freedom to choose.

Lastly, Ms Ong feels that to be successful in business or entrepreneurship, one needs to have a set of principles and the responsibility to deliver on what he or she promises. Furthermore, she feels that qualities such as Persistence and Self-Believe are pivotal to succeed. “If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t be able to reach your goal no matter how hard you try,” Ms Ong reiterated as she concluded her interview.

Contact Details:
No.24 Sin Ming Lane Midview City #01-104
T| 6659 5877
F| 6659 5879
E| d5@d5studioimage.com

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