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Mr. Lars K. Nelson

There are many qualities that make a great leader. Having strong beliefs, being able to stick with them through popular and unpopular times, is the most important characteristics of a great leader. In 2002, Mr Lars K. Nielson found himself in a dilemma, as his prior company; one that expertise in the marine trade was acquired by a larger enterprise. Mr Lars reflected: “I didn’t like the idea of working for a big enterprise, as many problems will arise, such as office politics.”

Having worked in the industry for since 1993, Mr Lars opted to make the best use of his experience, and commenced Den-Jet Marine Pte Ltd in 2004, “The term ‘Den’ represents Denmark, the country I was from, and ‘Jet’ stands for jetting, what our company does best.” Mr Lars elucidated. Den-Jet Marine is a company adroit in the fabrication of water jetting equipments, Mr Lars also explicated, “We started out Den-Jet Marine as we believe that this is the best trade that we could contribute to the society. We also see the great potential of this industry.”

Mr Lars was oblivious to the fact that he had attracted unwanted competition from his prior company during the initialization of Den-Jet Marine. “It was really surprising.” Mr Lars admitted. “We had to be patient as success doesn’t come overnight.” Nevertheless, many past customers adjudicated Den-Jet Marine was superior in all aspects, rooting Mr Lars upon his entrepreneurial journey. “It shows the trust they have in us and we appreciate that.” Mr Lars commented.

Mr Lars also mentioned how he managed to vanquish these hitches hindering Den-Jet Marine’s progress: “We always kept ourselves prepared. Preparedness makes us powerful. We also began developing the products to the market, through means such as marketing.” Mr Lars also emphasized: “We were fortunate that financial difficulties were never a problem for us, as these problems is usually the biggest problem for most new ‘entrepreneurs.’” Luck also played a critical role towards building Den-Jet Marine’s success. “We were also fortunate, as our company started at a time when the economy was booming.”

As an entrepreneur with strong beliefs, Mr Lars does not want his company to diverge from its core business, which is the marine sector. As Mr Lars explained: “Most manufacturers manufacture the products based on the industrial specification, as these equipments are commonly used in industrial and marine sectors.” Mr Lars then further asserted: “However, we are determined to only manufacture our equipments based on the marine specification, specifically for the marine sector, as it is our core business.” This idiosyncrasy is pivotal to why Den-Jet Marine is so preeminent in the industry.

Mr Lars proceeded to reminisce about Den-Jet Marine’s past achievements, stating: “It’s not easy in this industry. Many new comers started and ended swiftly. Being able to survive in this trade for so long is a marvel. We are also able to overcome our main competitor in this trade.” Mr Lars then continued: “We believe that we can achieve anything in the next few years and reach greater heights.”

For Mr Lars, entrepreneurship is an avenue for people to fulfill their dreams. “Entrepreneurship is an equation of risk, patience and a lot of hard work.” Mr Lars defined. “The prospect of freedom if you succeed just inspires me whenever I think about it.” Mr Lars listed one of the perks of being entrepreneur. “Not just in financial terms, but the freedom to choose where you want your company to head.”

“In an entrepreneurship, knowledge in the field is everything.” Mr Lars remarked the pertinence of possessing knowledge in an entrepreneurship. “Success does not come overnight, a successful entrepreneur must be persistent, and success only comes if one is hardworking.” Mr Lars asserted. “Luck also plays an important role in deciding if an entrepreneurship is a success or a failure.”

Mr Lars also encouraged budding entrepreneurs to be lofty, but not excessively ambitious: “Set your goals, and know your limitations.” Mr Lars also guided: “One cannot be good in everything. Seek advice or help on things that you are not good at.”

Mr Lars was without doubt optimistic about Den-Jet Marine’s expansion plans. “We are looking forward to purchase our own building. We are also looking forward to set up another stock and sales department in the Middle East region” Mr Lars mentioned about the company’s plan to make a foray into other parts of the world. “Our current focus is to grow in terms of profit, at least 20% a year. That is our target.” Mr Lars interpreted with determination.

Through Mr Lars’ entrepreneurial journey, one can depict that Mr Lars is an entrepreneur imbued with determination, perseverance and courage. Mr Lars also strongly stuck by his beliefs, despite all adversities. An entrepreneur like Mr Lars is someone, whom all of us could learn from.

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