Danmax Security Management Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Penny Ang

Danmax Security Management initiated with its manpower of a minuscule 4. Today, it stands robust, with over 200 employees. It brings forth security manpower for a spectrum of our security industry.  It consists of a 24/7 Operation Centre, which monitors and tracks attendance, stringently; without slack. In the event of a crisis or emergency, Danmax Security is able to deploy and reinforce manpower and resources proficiently.

A security modus operandi that is superlative holds what Danmax Security yields. With this adaptation as our business model, it has yielded and proven to be our success.

The path to such certainty is not easy though. “I was a police officer before jumping into the crocodile rivers: the fight for survival in security industry dominated by male.” Mdm Ang said, “I ventured when there were very few woman who dared to choose this business” said Mdm Ang, a woman with exceptional pugilistic fighting spirit.

Security management was rife when Danmax Security started.  “I didn’t have the know-how, experience and expertise, thus making me vulnerable then” Mdm Ang said. She added, “To make matter worse, the constant inept manpower, spiteful employees did not help in the initial start-up of our business”. Thinking out of box, Mdm Ang soldiered on with constant changes and ideas. Preserving, “I came up with the idea of giving medical benefits and incentives and even celebrating individual officer’s birthday, resulting in employees retention & loyalty.”

“These days, I do not need to think aloud, my team does the magic.” She laughed, ” We are very closely-knitted, i guess that gives us a very mutual & transparent rapport.” One of the sessions, they echoed on the necessity of officers’ continual training and competency, on another, the revamp of uniform to look smart for the job,” full of glint, Mdm Ang exclaimed. “Danmax Security has been able to provide reputable, competitive, value-added services in our security management.” Mdm Ang exclaimed. “This helped us to gain recognition from our clients, thus generating better revenues.”

“Entrepreneurship is all about trying. You would never know if you don’t. Be Original. Be Creative. has been my motto,” Mdm Ang remarked, upon her definition of entrepreneurship. When asked on her spur, she replied: “Arrogance diminishes wisdom, be humble, never ever be complacent about learning.”

Contact Details:
188-6 Tanjong Katong Road S(436990)
T| 6440 3080
F| 6348 0877
E| penny.ang@danmax.com.sg

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