A & C Electrical

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Christopher Tan

A&C Electrical is a reputable full-service company established by Mr Christopher Tan in October 2006. A&C Electrical started off as an import and export of electrically products. Now it focuses locally including lighting products. With their friendly and skilled electricians, A&C Electrical are dedicated to provide fast and efficient services. Mr Tan started working in this industry for over 10 years, with his vast knowledge and experiences he turned it into his own business. The confident of dealing with clients and knowledge of his products, Mr Tan felt that he could do more if he is able to work for himself.

Despite facing financial difficulty during its start, Mr Tan was able to clear this impediment without any hitches. “We usually give our client a 3 month credit terms, if any of them were to delay the payment, we will be affected as our initial capital was rather tied. Thankfully, through bank loan and the additional advance payment by the client much of the costs are covered by the income generated from my other businesses.” said Mr Tan

What then makes A&C Electrical outstanding? “We take in good quality products! Even though we have to pay more but providing good quality products are our core values.” Mr Tan adjourned for a moment. “These days, consumers look for nothing but quality. Customers are willing to pay for quality. So give them what they want. This is how we gain rapport from our clients, and they will come back for more.” Mr Tan oversee the whole procedure personally even to every minutiae of his business. With the supervision of Mr Tan, it is no wonder why customers are all satisfied with their top notch services as they patronize A&C Electrical.

“Entrepreneurship is a process whereby you are able to have a better control over your life and future. By putting your skills and knowledge together, you are able to better provide for your customers, friends and family members.” Mr Tan interpreted. “The thought of family and my precious daughter’s future are the reason which drives me on despite the setbacks I faced.” Mr Tan added. Alongside with Mr Tan’s perseverance and determination the success of A&C Electrical looks resplendent. Mr Tan also went on to guide: “success could only by obtain through your willpower, determination and a mentally strong mindset. Only by taking a chance in life, allows you to explore into new grounds, then you would succeed.” Mr Tan continued “Go into a line you are interested, and things will fall into place.”

“The next 5 years, we want to focus on contributing to the society by introducing products such as LED that support environment greener and more power efficient. We are open for growth and expansion.” Mr Tan divulged A&C Electrical’s plans of expansion.

Contact Details:
Blk 3023 Ubiplex Ubi Road, #01-01
T| 6747 4933
F| 6749 6196
E| anc_elect@yahoo.com

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