Cuffz Holdings Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Bryannz Fan

An ambitious horse will never return to its old stable. A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials. If an entrepreneur does not commit himself to amelioration, he might find himself not being able to fathom the genius behind success: Persistence and the ability to listen to people. One might think too highly of himself and from there he shall fall. “This is why I strongly believe in continuous learning and improving. It is the only way to achieve success.” Mr Bryannz Fan, founder of Cuffz Holdings, made this revelation.

Cuffz Holdings is a property management, brand management and events-management company. Eurocuffz, on the other hand is a brand, which specializes in the fabricating of tailored shirts and cufflinks. Ima9ine is an event management company that provides an one-stop entertainment and education services. “We first started out in the fashion industry and cufflinks is one of our main products. Thus, the name Cuffz Holdings.” Mr Fan made intelligible upon how Cuffz Holdings derived its name. The conception of Cuffz Holdings is perplexing. In 2003, Mr Fan was emphatic on starting out his own entrepreneurship. “I tried many businesses with other partners in other industries. My ambition is to create results and expand my career overseas.” Mr Fan ruminated. “I seek for a product that can last in the market. Naturally, I thought of men’s fashion. Unlike technology, it does not change often and drastically.” Mr Fan then added on: “I love education, and because of this, I fell in love with the events industry as well. This is why I chose to join the events industry, as we can build talents as well.”

Despite how enterprising Mr Fan was, it was ineluctable for an entrepreneur to evade from the demons of setbacks when initiating a business. “As this is a specialized industry, the perception of our targeted marketing segment is flummoxing. It’s really hard to understand what customers want, but I am persistent to listen to their constructive comments to develop our company.” Mr Fan uttered. “Being a CEO; ‘Chief Everything Officer’, is difficult as well, as I have to micromanage everything in the business.” a jocular Mr Fan rejoined. “It’s also hard to employ good workers, and as I was quite young when I started out, clients see me as inexperienced.” Nevertheless, Mr Fan was staunched on overcome these hitches. “I try to make the best out of everything I do, from the smallest details to the big ones. I believe that by doing so, customers will see the effort and attention to details we put into everything we do.” Mr Fan shared his thoughts. “Thankfully, I have a good and strong management to help me out. Without them, I wouldn’t see where I am today.” Mr Fan lauded. Failing is a much more sobering and enlightening experience. “By learning from past failures, Mr Fan garnered more experience, and customers saw that in a cinch.

“I would always make sure that whatever I do, it is a ‘class’ above the rest.” Mr Fan revealed why Cuffz Holding is far ahead of its competitors. “I make sure every process and product is value added. We know that clients appreciate it if we were to go the extra mile.” If you have a good relationship with your customer, the business process flows that much smoothly. In order to fulfill that, Mr Fan would often build up great relations with customers; often getting repeated business trades from them. “We emphasize speed and quality in everything we do, such as our products and processes. We believe that by putting in effort, we are then able to see the results.” Through infinite amount of hard work and effort, Cuffz Holdings managed to expand throughout the South-East Asia region in countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia and many others more. “Due to the support of our stakeholders, we are able to expand into other industries, not just events, but property and fashion too. I believe this is a recognition of our ability, the stakeholders are able to see this and decided to invest in us.” Mr Fan remarked. “Through brand management, we expand to property management and we clinched a number of successful portfolios and worked with major China cultural projects.”

“For me, entrepreneurship is about creating true value to everyone around us, not just customers, but to the staffs too. To create a good value.” Mr Fan defined his meaning of entrepreneurship. So what motivation does this entrepreneurship extraordinaire has? “Our country’s founding father and Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew. I think he had done a lot for Singapore, and it reflects a lot of things we could learn from him. He’s a marvelous guiding spirit for entrepreneurs.” Mr Fan believes in perpetual amelioration, this spirit of continuously striving to get better. “To be successful, I believe you need to make never ending improvements, you also need to have integrity; the ability for your customers to put their trust in you naturally.” Mr Fan added: “Walk the talk, even when it is not known to others, always do the right things. One of the things that may get in the way of people being lifelong learners is that they are not in touch with their passion. If you are passionate about what it is you do, then you are going to be looking for everything you can to get better at it. “Use the power of love and passion to do your job.” Mr Fan espoused.

Mr Fan then advocated young people wanting to start their own business: “Those things we do for ourselves, die with us. Those things you do for others, live on forever.” an astute man, Mr Fan regarded. Mr Fan then made a revelation on Cuffz Holdings’ plans for expansion: “We are preparing the database and track record for Eurocuffz for franchising.” This implementation would be a big boost to the company as a whole. “We are also starting a talent development school to develop the young for this industry.” It is gladdening to know that the company is enriching future talents to make a mark themselves in the society. Despite being initiated just a year ago, one can see that the future beyond Cuffz Holding is scintillating.

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52 Boat Quay S(049841)
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