AGnS Design & Trade Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Alvin Goh

AGnS Design is a multi-faceted creative consultancy and renovation company with a wide spectrum of experience. The company provides a comprehensive architectural and interior design service for residential, commercial and hospitality properties. The experienced team is led by experts from the fields of decorative and structural design.

The director of the company is Mr Alvin Goh, who interest in architecture inspired him to set up the business. “I like to do a lot of space planning. Looking at the industry, I see room for creativity and the potential for growth,” explained Mr Goh. According to Mr Goh, AGnS is made up of both him and his wife’s name.

Like all business, obstacles were aplenty when Mr Goh first set up the company. Mr Goh recounted, “We started as a non licence builder & contractor. Many projects, especially the residential ones, did not want to continue with us when they know that we are not licensed or authority proven.” However, there was a glimpse of hope when the hotel industry decided to work with them despite being without a licence. “Thankfully, for the hotel side, things were not that bad as they knew about our standard of work.”

To overcome the problems, Mr Goh knew he had to get the licence to change the perception of the majority. “To get the licence, the first 3 years are the crucial. We need to provide a lot of documents and secure projects to apply for the licence,” Mr Goh recalled poignantly. However, due to the lack of trust from clients initially, gathering of documents and projects posed a huge stumbling block in the company’s bid to acquire a licence. Thankfully, Lady Luck decided to befriend Mr Goh as his customers were all happy about the quality and the end result of his work and through word of mouth, business began to pick up. Soon after, the company managed to get the licence. “It is two points for luck and eight points for hard work. We just got to hang in there. Now, we can enjoy the fruits of our labour,” quipped Mr Goh. Currently, the company is a BCA license builder for Design and Buildings.

According to Mr Goh, what set the company apart from the rest is the personal service, knowledge, and quality of their products. “We place absolute importance on understanding the particular needs and wishes of our clients for a personalised service delivered to an uncompromisingly high standard. Our constant goal is to provide flawless service. Guided by customer’s requests and routines, we transform any property into a perfect living space,” Mr Goh explained with pride. Furthermore, to have a better control of the quality of work and to fabricate it faster in the given timeline, the company has their own carpentry for home, office and hotel products.

Hence, what does Mr Goh feel about the significance of entrepreneurship. “It is about being a risk taker, with calculated risk. With interest, you will begin to develop it into passion and with passion; you will be responsible in your actions to turn the passion into success. Thus, with the 3 qualities, the rest will keep rolling and everything will fall into place.”

Despite the extraordinary success that Mr Goh had thus far, what kept him motivated and constantly eager to excel further? “With a whole team of people working together, though times are bad, there are still jobs for the taking. It is just a matter of whether you are willing to take up the job or not, albeit on a smaller scale,” espoused Mr Goh.

Therefore, does Mr Goh have any words of wisdom to share about the secrets to success? “There is no secret recipe. It is about being responsible and delivers what you promised. You need to be able to meet the deadlines set. Be prompt in your meetings with clients. How you take care of your staffs determine how much effort they will put into their work. All else will flow naturally and people will keep coming back when all these criteria are met. Set your mind into achieving your dream. No matter how much obstacles you might face, you need to continue to grind out the results.”

Lastly, for those budding entrepreneurs, Mr Goh has some advice for you, “Do your own calculation carefully before venturing into the world of unknown. How big do you want the business to be? Are there any clear directions of where you want to be in a triangle of low, middle or top tier? Nevertheless, always look at the bright side and be ready to pounce on any opportunity for business. Don’t be aimless and clueless.”

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3015 Ubi Road 1 #03-208
T| 6745 8775
F| 6745 9775

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