Succedo Signs Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Gary Lim

Succedo Signs Pte Ltd is an established signage contractor with more than 10 years of experience in Singapore. They provide the entire spectrum of signage such as Banner Printing, Billboard Printing, Outdoor Advertising, Digital Printing and Display Sign for any events. Succedo Signs Pte Ltd provides a one stop solution for all, their range of value-added services include consultation, design, fabrication, installation and dismantling. “We take care of every client’s needs from conception to implementation. We will work with the client on the design they like, and provide them an artist’s layout according to the scale of the endorsement before fabrication and installation.” expounded Mr Gary Lim; managing partner of Succedo Signs Pte Ltd.

If you want to do something, just go for it! That has been Mr Gary Lim’s motto in life. After being in the Air force for 6 years, Mr Lim decided to start his own business. With no knowledge or any experience, in 1990, Mr Lim started his very first computer business and other different businesses subsequently. It was only in February 2010 that he started Succedo Signs Pte Ltd. Before opening Succedo Signs Pte Ltd, Mr Lim had been working in a similar company for 4 years. Mr Lim soon fall in love with what he was doing, it didn’t take along for him to master the different skill needed in this industry. It was a particular day that the company Mr Lim worked in, decided to joint venture with another company and many were left jobless. It was then, Mr Lim has the urge to open Succedo Signs Pte Ltd and re-hire the same staffs that were jobless.

“Starting Succedo Signs Pte Ltd is easier said than done, I need to ways convince my partner about the business and to get him to fund us. Along the way there were many miscalculations. It was quite emotionally draining!” elucidated Mr Lim. However, with supports and encouragements from people around Mr Lim, it kept him moving forward. “Though it took awhile, but I managed to convince my partner with my determination.” Mr Lim beamed.

Unlike many other signages company out there, Succedo Signs Pte Ltd targeted a niche market, mainly the golf events. Succedo Signs Pte Ltd has collaborated with many different golf clubs and country clubs in doing various Charity Golf events, Corporate / Fund Raising Golf events and other miscellanea events. Being able to work with the clients directly, Mr Lim was able to provide their top notch services to all his clients. Together with their dedicated team of creative graphic designer, it is no wonder why most of the clients were very please and satisfy whenever they see the final art work.

Success is a culmination of willpower to succeed, supreme leadership, perpetual hard work and great proficiency. These qualities are evidently seen in the life of Mr Lim. Despite the arduous challenges met, Mr Lim persevered on, and led Succedo Signs Pte Ltd to where it is today. “Risk is something we need to take in life. However for an entrepreneur, we need to take a calculated risk such as, research and planning to aid you in making your final decision.” Mr Lim continued. “It’s about focusing on the positive rather than worry about the negative even when the odds are against you. As entrepreneurs, we must see problems and challenges as speed bumps and not undefeatable barriers. It will probably slow us down a bit, but it will not stop us. Each hump makes us wiser and stronger to overcome the next one.” Mr Lim elucidated. “Patient, hard work and determination are a few qualities one should possess in order to be successful in business. Together with sincerity in dealing with customers and an open heart to take in both positive and negative feedback, enable you and your company to excel.” Mr Lim answered.

Mr Lim then shed some light on Succedo Signs Pte Ltd’s plans for expansion: “We are looking at increasing our staff strength in handling the clients. This enables me to have time to do more strategy planning for the company. Though the size of our company might increase, we will still maintain our services and quality provided.” These implementations would without doubt give leverage to Succedo Signs Pte Ltd as a whole.

Contact Details:
Northstar @ AMK #02-48, 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
T| 6570 9660

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