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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Koh Gim Yen

Anything is possible if you think that it is possible, it is the positive energy that Ms Koh Gim Yen possessed that made Hi Ko what it is today. For Hi Ko and its leader Ms Koh, success was onerous to achieve however, through the course of entrepreneurship, they soon began to learn that success is easily procured with a positive attitude, commitment, and persistence.

Initiated in 2006, Hi Ko Pte Ltd is the Franchisee for FLEXA furniture for stimulating and developing the creativity of children. Celebrating 40 years in 2012, FLEXA is a world-leading producer and retailer of furniture for children and young adults currently sold in over 40 countries. Originating from Denmark, home to Hans Christian Andersen, FLEXA was established in 1972 with the aim of creating an environment for inspiration, creativity and activity. FLEXA was one of the first companies in Europe to introduce safe, high-quality and sustainable furniture for children.

The FLEXA product concept is based on a wide variety of combinations and is build upon the possibility to change, re-design and continuously meet the needs of the child as the child grows. The complete system makes it possible to furnish a room no matter the size, angles or height of the area, so you may create a room that lives up to your wishes and requirements right now – and also for years to come.

The high quality of FLEXA products is located in the material, craftsmanship and attention to details. FLEXA furniture are made of top-quality and robust Northern European pine wood from north of the 60th latitude, which ensures that it will last for years and years.

FLEXA uses wood from forests that are managed under PEFC, a strict international standard of forest management. Furniture manufactured by FLEXA is rigorously tested in order to meet the highest international safety requirements such as EN and GS. The lacquer used by FLEXA is an environmentally-friendly UV lacquer which is water-based and contains no formaldehyde and complies with European EN standards. Therefore, at FLEXA, production walks hand in hand with Mother Nature for the benefit of present and future generations.
All FLEXA textiles are certified by Oeko-tex, which means they are made of 100% natural allergy-neutral materials and guarantees the products are free of hazardous chemicals and other harmful substances.

As a symbol of success, FLEXA has received Denmark’s King Frederick IX’s Award for Excellence in Export as well as the Danish Super Brand Council’s ‘Export Super Brand 2006’ award.

Children are one investment that will never lose value and we strongly believe that it’s all about making things GROW… with the child and for the sake of the child.

When Hi Ko was brought to fruition, it was impeded by the fact that Ms Koh is new in this line and her lack of experiences and skill knowledge in the industry; however, it is a cinch as the products FLEXA already have its design, quality and brand name. All Ms Koh needed to focus on is to build up on her knowledge on the products. “Thankfully, FLEXA’s Asia headquarters in China provide training for their franchisees. We send people down and learn the necessary skills needed and to teach the people in Hi Ko once they are back.” Ms Koh elucidated.

“FLEXA products are made of quality woods which doesn’t contain any harmful substance. This alone made us stand out among all our competitors in the industry. All the materials used in FLEXA are safety certified. Not forgetting, we are the first company that brought children’s furniture stores into the shopping mall.” Ms Koh explicated.

“We have already open our very first shop in United Square, we aim to open a few more shop in the east and west side too. We are also exploring into setting up stores in shop example like Metro etc.” Ms Koh divulged her plan of expansion for Hi Ko. “Hi Ko is what it is today all thanks to the staff. It is not by my own strength, but by everyone who work hard together as a team.” Ms Koh expresses her gratitude towards her staff. “One of the greatest achievements for Hi Ko is to be able to own our warehouse place. When Hi Ko first initialed, we used to rent our warehouse place. To be able to own our own place means that financially we are quite self sustaining.” Ms Koh added.

In the retail industry, it’s impervious not to confute customers. Customers need to feel at ease; they need to be assured that they are getting the best deal and services. Many entrepreneurs are fallacious of the significance it makes to customers, but not in Hi Ko Pte Ltd. Hi Ko values every customer they work with, “our retail shop provides the best of the service with our friendly and knowledgeable sales consultants whom can provide the extra mile of providing free consultation. As our range of products is wide, our sales consultants are there to advise the best piece of furniture for the kid at different age group.” Ms Koh paused. “As a company, we provide our professional advice in regards to both design and practical usages of our variety of products.” Ms Koh continued.

To be a successful entrepreneur, one should remember that it is not all about the destination but the process of building up the company. The process include waiting, communication and also the after-sale service. “Being a successful entrepreneur means you have a unique mindset which set you and the others apart. Responsibility is the basic qualities an entrepreneur should posses. You need to fulfill what you promise to the customers. Knowing your customers well, and what products and services can fulfill their needs and equipments allow you to be on a cutting edge.” Ms Koh advises the promising young entrepreneur.

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