Brighton Furniture Display Centre

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Goh Chee Tiong
Mr. Lim Kong Yeng

Initiated in 2000, with the vast knowledge and experience in the furniture industry, Mr Lim Kong Yeng and Mr Alson Goh started Brighton Furniture Centre which grew and expanded quickly. With current 100 staffs located in four different showrooms – Sungei Kadut Avenue, Sungei Kadut Loop, Geylang Lorong 23 and Commonwealth Avenue. Brighton Furniture Display Centre carries a full range of furniture and accessories, such as Sofa Sets, Dining sets, T.V. Consoles, Wardrobes and Mattresses.

The Company started as a wholesale business, under the name of Wesco Furniture Centre Trading, and expanded into retailing with just five staffs after years of operation. Today, Brighton has created four showrooms serving customers directly. To create further awareness, Brighton advertises in the newspapers and this resulted in a sharp increase of their customer base.

Unlike most of the other entrepreneurs, it was a brisk for both Mr Lim and Mr Goh owing to their experience gained in their younger days. Knowing exactly what customers are looking for, Brighton owes a factory in Johore Bahru manufacturing and creates unique range of products enabling Brighton to provide quality products while keeping the price range low for the customers.

“The location of our four showrooms in various parts of Singapore is planted base on the strategic we came up with.” Said Mr Goh, “We take into account their comfort, convenience and travelling time of the customers to view and purchase our products” Mr Goh further on explained. Alongside these business strategies which include the upgrading skills of the sales force, the staffs are all constantly reminded to smile when dealing with customers. “We believe that all the staff is the company’s ambassadors and should all be equipped with the power of Golden smiles” Mr Lim stressed.

“Entrepreneurship is all about finding what you are passionate in, and placed all your energy, all your willpower and all your effort into achieving it” they replied, when asked what does entrepreneurship meant to them. “Perseverance, hard work and honesty is required.” Mr Goh and Mr Lim added when asked upon the qualities needed for a successful entrepreneur.

“Put your heart and soul into whatever you are doing, don’t be discourage by setbacks and always maintain a right attitude,” Mr Lim advocates the new budding, entrepreneur. “In the face of difficulties, never back down. Treat it as a stepping stones that enable you to grow, what doesn’t kills you will only makes you stronger,” Mr Goh added. “A Quitter never wins, and a winner never quits” they both agreed.

Both Directors’ plans for Brighton are to go beyond just selling furniture, but also to promote a lifestyle associated with healthier, trendier and more family- oriented living. Their visions of their Display Centre are to provide a One- Stop solution for their customers which includes childcare facilities, that enable parents to shop in peace knowing that their children are well taken care of also restaurant will be located in their showroom. “We are now sourcing for a plot of land big enough, for our showroom” Mr Goh revealed Brighton’s upcoming plan. With such determined and confidence leaders, Mr Goh and Mr lim would go on to excel in the roaring trade.

Contact Details:
46 Sungei Kadut Ave
T| 6269 5009
F| 6365 0978 / 6269 9079

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