Complexart Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Edmund Ong

“Complexart represents an artistic passion, a passion in which complexity is abstractly simplified, to the delight of our audience.” –Mr. Edmund Ong, recipient of the 2011 Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award.

Complexart Pte Ltd was the brainchild of one man, born in the middle of the 2009 global financial crisis.  One man’s tenacity and unadulterated hard work rode Complexart through the economic hardship.  Today, it is a thriving firm involved in holistic interior designing, prudently conceptualizing and manufacturing interior outfits for commercial and residential spaces. What drove founder Mr. Ong to take the plunge and venture out with his own business were matters as intangible as they were impactful—a supportive mother, a nurtured passion for elaborate designs, and an excellent set of ideals backed by self-belief, confidence, and an affinity for pursuing his one big dream.  “I was trained as a product designer; I wanted to realize my aspiration to be a great designer, and took action by starting Complexart.” Mr. Ong divulges with zeal.

In the course of the two years since its initiation, Complexart has certainly come far.  A team of eight perceptive, dexterous, and well-trained employees now supports Mr. Ong.  Complexart has evidently grounded itself in the interior design and manufacturing industry.  Its portfolio boasts a proficiency that enabled famed brand names, including World of Sports, Camper, Clarks, and premium fashion boutique Bread & Butter, to entrust the modeling of their retail outlets to the firm.  Complexart’s dazzling track record culminates in a nomination for the prestigious OCBC Emerging Enterprise Award early this year.

Complexart’s success has not been without sweat and tears. As a fledgling company, it had the misfortune to encounter several defaulted payments, a hefty sum well into the five digits that could break a young company.  The path to establish his private workshop was also a bumpy, albeit necessary, one for Mr. Ong.  The director is firmly convicted that internal carpentry is an essential component of interior design.  “I firmly believe that every company dealing with interior design and manufacturing must have its own in-house carpenters,” he stresses.  Not wanting to scrimp on quality, he equipped his carpentry department with high-caliber machines and tools and meticulously instituted continual skill development as a business principle.  However, the move is one, which poses manpower as a recurring difficulty.  Since not many Singaporeans are inclined to work in the carpentry sector, hiring foreign workers poses a setback in the form of increasing levy fees.

Nevertheless, Complexart has emerged successful in spite of any setback, with smoother operating procedures, a larger pool of manpower, and a solid carpentry department to back it up.  Mr. Ong concedes that he believes his company’s success in overcoming the obstacles should be attributed to his close-knit team of employees and their dedication to utilizing the latest materials and technology available. The result?  Enhanced capability to deliver unrivaled services to customers, both existing and past.

Addressing young people aspiring to start their own business, Mr. Ong encourages, “Go after your passion. In business, there can never be 365 good days per year. Entrepreneurship is very self-dependent and must be cultivated.  It all boils down to how far you are willing to take it.”

So what are the prerequisites for a successful entrepreneur?  “Being a successful entrepreneur means you have to have real passion.  Prioritize your product quality, and the money will follow.  At the end of the day, the self-satisfaction you get in return for the service you provides is what will fuel your drive.”  Mr. Ong carries on, asserting, “You need to continually improve yourself as well. Being complacent often leads to downfall.” Complexart is in a perpetual run of self-advancement.  With its increased focus on the retail sector, expanding carpentry division, and its first showroom debuting in May 2011, Complexart is set on a path to attaining greater heights and prosperity under the ardent leadership of Mr. Ong.

Contact Details:
2 Jalan Rajah Road #04-26
Golden Wall Flatted Factory S(329134)
T| 6256 5273
F| 6256 7836

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