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Mr. Ray Tan


“Entrepreneurship is about taking things into your own hands; it does not just apply to setting up your own company, it should apply to anything and everything you do. It’s when you take things into your own hands, then will we see things starting to happen. It is definitely not an easy path, but with determination, perseverance and commitment all things are possible.” Mr Tan answered when asked what entrepreneurship means to them.

Search Network was established in year 2008; it is a recruitment consultancy firm that assists companies with their manpower needs and also candidates to secure a job of their choice. Search Network deals with all levels of employment, from jobs for students all the way to the managerial level. Search Network specializes in temporary, contract and permanent placement. They also offer payroll parking services as well as work pass applications. Some of the main industries that they serve are medical, healthcare, life science, pharmaceutical, IT and engineering, logistics, corporate, hospitality and retail. “In Short, we are a One- Stop Job Agency” Mr Tan elucidated.

“We strongly believe that recruitment is crucial in every company, and it is an essential service that all HR should adopt in order for the company to function more effectively. It is our passion and satisfaction to match the correct candidates to the various organizations within the shortest time.” Mr Tan explained. Mr Tan knew that recruitment is an ever-green industry and every company will require recruitment HR solutions even in times of an economic downturn. In fact, during bad times, recruitment is all the more crucial in forecasting and budgeting manpower needs more effectively within the organization.

Search Network’s values are Speed, Service standards, Integrity and Professionalism. In a nutshell, dedicated consultants in Search Network are all committed individuals who put in their best efforts to assist the client to resolve their recruitment needs, and at the same time help job seekers find a suitable job for them. “We invest heavily in training for our internal staff to ensure they possess the right mind and skill set to face various challenges out there.” Mr Tan explicated.

“We want to be the network where companies and job seekers would come to when they need to SEARCH for jobs or employees, hence; that’s how the name Search Network comes about.” Mr Tan continued “We try to distinguish ourselves by demonstrating that we are a reliable and committed company. As I said, it’s about trust. We also pick out all our workers with scrutiny for suitable industries. We believe that it is only right to pick out the right man for the right job.” Such a proficiency at its expertise allows Search Network to conquer any adversities met in cementing the path to success.

Getting staff to join a new company when it first started was not easy, but as time passed and as Search Network slowly establishes itself in the market, it became more attractive for experienced consultants to join them and to grow together. Recruiters get to meet up with people from all walks of life. Each of them has their own unique background story to tell and has various reasons for looking for a career. The challenging part is to fully prepare our candidates for the interviews and ensure they are able to clinch the position amidst the strong competition from other interviewees.

Search Network has undertaken a few key projects by supplying manpower to various events in the past few years, such as the National emergency H1N1 temperature screeners in all the major hospitals, Youth Olympic Games, Department of Statistics – Census of Population Survey and IRAS eTRS (Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme) project. Each project consists of more than 100 personnel and it is undeniably a proudest achievement for Search Network to be able to plan, coordinate and monitor the project of such scale. It shows the capability of their company and staff.

“Successful people around the world motivate and inspire me. All the successful people that I’ve known of and read about, taught me that success did not come about without multiple failures. This is what keeps us moving forward in times of setbacks. With perseverance, an extremely positive mindset and an eye for changes in market forces will help you sail through your setbacks.” Mr Tan added, “Ensure that you are engaged in something of your passion. If you are not doing what you like, you will never enjoy your job nor achieve success. You need to research on the market and industry well, before jumping in. Once you are in it, never give up. Failure only happens when you give up.”

With such a superlative leader at helm, success is already imminent for Search Network.

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