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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Samson Teo

The one secret to success lies in the ability to see things from their perspective and to see things from others’ angle. A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all forms. A successful entrepreneur is someone who knows what customers and people around him want. Mr Samson Teo, founder of Innerspace Interior Pte Ltd, is an entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial journey with these principals.

Innerspace Interior Pte Ltd was form with the intention of bring high quality original interior design to the residential and commercial projects using the given space as its main focus. The success of the company is built on the foundation of a team of Design Consultants who are willing to listen and analyzed their client’s needs and liking. Each client’s needs become the platform which design consultants conceptualizes its initial proposals. All the design team works closely with all their clients over the course of the project to achieve a highly desirable end result. Innerspace Interior Pte Ltd offer; Design Consultation & Analysis, Layout & Space Planning, Project Management, and Maintenance & Upgrading. These ensure top quality proposal produced with a personal touch.

“My greatest achievement in life is to start-up Innerspace Interior Pte Ltd with merely five hundred SGD. It’s my pride and joy to receive many referrals from my customers over the years.” Mr Teo explicated. The company grew exponentially since the start of the operation, Mr Teo now own a shop space of his own located at Upper Bukit Timah Road.

However his success didn’t come without a cost, being a new interior design firm in Singapore, many people were hesitant and were afraid of engaging them, since there are many other well-known designing firms for customer to choose from. Instead of feeling demoralize, Mr Teo was motivated to solve the situation at face. He ensure that all his service staffs go an extra mile and to provide better services for all the clients. All the hard work and effort is not put to vain, soon sale increases through referrals and the increasing of brand awareness.

Innerspace Interior Pte Ltd function like a family, there is no hierarchy or ranking between them. Is it no wonder why all their staff is always performing at their tip-top condition and providing their best in everything they do.

“Entrepreneur is all about seeing, listening and learning from others. There is no one best way for all in setting up or operating a business; one should use trial and errors to find the best way the company is able to function.” Mr Teo stressed. “Be daring and take the first step, once you made up your mind. Do not hesitate and go for it!” An enthusiastic Mr Teo exclaimed

“We are planning on setting up one more outlets in Singapore and to increase another 20 sale staff. We are also working on securing bigger projects.” Mr Teo revealed his plan for Innerspace Interior Pte Ltd. With many successive superior principal incorporated, Innerspace Interior Pte Ltd will definitely go a long way for the future under Mr Teo’s leadership.

Contact Details:
140 Upper Bukit Timah Road #01-02
Beauty World Plaza
T| 8500 8505

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