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Ms. Lora Konchits
Mr. Choa

There is a saying, “The greatest wealth is health”. As we spend most of our time pursuing our careers and working hard to achieve success in life, it is important that we also spend time looking after our own health and invest in our own well-being.

At Joy Fitness, the co-founders Miss Lora Konchits and Mr. Choa understand how challenging it can be to get started on a habit of exercise and how some people may have difficulties in maintaining a healthy lifestyle due to physical limitations or past injuries.

Their vision at Joy Fitness is to raise the level of fitness and well-being of people by helping each and every one of them overcome their personal challenges by embracing a holistic approach towards fitness as a way of life.

Joy Fitness is the only accredited Power Plate Fitness Center that is fully equipped with the latest, most advanced and medically certified Power Plate® pro6™ machines and a limited edition Williams F1 designed pro6™. Power Plate® is the premium vibration device powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. By including Power Plate® Acceleration TrainingTM as a key component of their fitness regimen, members at Joy Fitness can expect an enhanced quality of life and improved general well-being as the training provides many medical and rehabilitative related health benefits.

Users who train on Power Plate® can expect benefits such as an improved bone mineral density which helps to fight bone loss and osteoporosis, improved proprioception (a sense of how your limbs are oriented in space) and balance which improves reaction to prevent falls and increased circulation for enhanced cardiovascular health.

In addition, exercising on Power Plate® leads to an increased metabolism and also encourages the release of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to promote quicker recovery along a reduction of stress hormone cortisol associated with stress.

Since exercises are of low impact to joints and ligaments, they are suitable for people of different age groups and physical abilities as users are able to improve their core strength and stability to prevent injury and regain functioning capability of their limbs over time.

The idea of starting up Joy Fitness came about after Miss Konchits was inspired by her own workout experience and had a desire to share the joy and benefits of working out on these Power Plate® Machines with more people.

Despite not having any previous experience with operating or starting a fitness studio, Miss Konchits and Mr. Choa embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with a passion and desire to fulfill their vision of helping more people increase their level of fitness.

By adopting a hands-on approach in setting up Joy Fitness and making it a point to learn from each experience during the journey, Joy Fitness is now led by an experienced and passionate team dedicated towards the same vision that both Miss Konchits and Mr. Choa had set out to fulfill. As a team, they work closely together to develop new and innovative training programs and support each other in upgrading and improving their own skills in order to provide a better service to their customers.

As more and more members discover Joy Fitness, it is evident that they are on their way towards achieving that vision. Members coming to workout at Joy Fitness can expect more than just a feel-good session of physical activity.

Many customers look forward to the lifestyle and camaraderie that each visit to Joy Fitness helps to cultivate. New friendships and bonds are easily forged over a cup of post work-out premium tea or gourmet coffee as members have the option of chilling out in a comfortable lounge equipped with Wi-Fi access and a collection of reading materials or an outdoor patio area where they can catch up while basking in the warmth of the sun.

Looking back at her own experience at the start of her entrepreneurial journey, Miss Konchits feels that as entrepreneurs, “Problems are never an excuse. To be successful entrepreneurs, they shouldn’t just be good at what they do, they need to be passionate about it’. Looking forward, the plan for Joy Fitness in the next five years would be to develop programs that will help as many people overcome their limitations in life as possible by offering affordable exercise programs to adults of all ages.

There are also plans to bring these programs to neighboring community centers to make Power Plate® Training more accessible. These sessions will be conducted by a trained instructor with a focus on balance, strength, aerobic and flexibility exercises which research have shown to be extremely helpful in improving physical function and reducing disability in older adults.

As Miss Konchits and her team at Joy Fitness continue moving towards their vision of bringing more joy to the lives of people through their programs, she would like to advise young entrepreneurs to, “find your passion; turn it into your dream and develop that burning desire to execute it!”

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