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Ms. Raj Singh Sidhu

Many entrepreneurs do not fathom the intrinsic essence of an entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs seek to earn money, rendering the crux of an entrepreneurship oblivious. Entrepreneurship is a process, which not only benefits the entrepreneur, but the society as a whole as well. This certainly holds true for Charisha Employment Agencies, a company specializing in the recruitment, training and employment of Foreign Domestic Worker.

As an adolescent, Miss Sunitha Kaur was dispassionate about being an entrepreneur at first. “I came from a traditional and humble family background which believed in job security rather than entrepreneurship. I realized in my teenage years that I wanted to be different. I wanted to be financially independent and path my own future rather than be a blue-collar worker.” Miss Kaur ruminated.

Without doubt, ladies possessing empowerment is a superlative idea. However, reality is harsh, empowerment is often privileged to woman who are either well educated or from the developed countries. Women from less prolific countries are inadmissible to these perks as they are not able to derive a proper education, often due to their financially burden families. “As I was from a humble background, I grew up realizing that I need to help people and this business allowed to do my part as well as achieve my other goals. By assisting these women in providing a better future to their family, it brought a smile on their faces at least.” Miss Sunitha Kaur, the leader of Charisha Employment Agencies, elucidated upon her purpose of initiating the business.

The name Charisha originated from Miss Kaur’s adored children, her daughter Charishma and Arjaysha. “The company name beholds a special meaning and is very dear to me. It comprises both the first half and second half of my daughter’s and son’s name respectively.” Miss Kaur responded. Charisha Employment Agencies’ startup was bumpy initially, as known employment agencies are preferably more credible in the eyes of clients and suppliers. “Clients were cautious about spending their money and the supplier’s were wary about not receiving their commissions. The Foreign Domestic Workers were also cautious about coming through a new agent.” Miss Kaur remarked. These predicaments cause a vicissitude in the company’s operations, causing it to derail from its path towards success, slewing back and forth. Notwithstanding that, Miss Kaur was staunched on obviating these setbacks.

Miss Kaur began decimating these hitches methodically, as she commented: “I overcame the obstacles of gaining peoples’ trust. I worked hard to gain the trust of all parties involved. I provided additional value added services yet not affecting the pockets of all other parties involved.” The results were palpable, as the numbers of clientele increased. Also, recommendations were propagated from clients, foreign domestic workers, and suppliers.

What segregates Charisha Employment Agencies is the fact that the company takes pride in what they do. “We ensure that every single minutiae is addressed. We offer free counseling service for any employer or domestic worker throughout their contracts. Majority of the times, the problems between the employers and domestic worker are easily resolved during the counseling session.” Miss Kaur indicated upon Charisha Employment Agencies’ puritanical operations. “At times, domestic workers have problems back home which they are afraid of telling their employers. So we become their messengers and find ways to solve their problems, alongside saving their jobs. This way, I am assured that both the employer and domestic is pleased and satisfied.”

Another point, which sets Charisha Employment Agencies apart, is the fact the company does not discriminate between an employer and foreign worker. “We treat them as equal when they come for counseling because both are trying to satisfy their individual needs to achieve their personal goals.” Miss Kaur added. “Being a foreign domestic worker is not an easy job. They have to make a lot of sacrifices, therefore, I give them the same respect I give my employers.”

This explicitly shows the proficiency of Charisha Employment Agencies itself, this leads to repletion of the business, as the company metamorphosed in profusions. “Every single day is a business achievement for me, as I am able to see how Charisha Employment Agencies grows. Seeing the growth of our clientele base, as we welcome every new client looking for a foreign domestic worker every single day, gives me the ultimate satisfaction.” Miss Kaur revealed her fulfillments accomplished through her entrepreneurship. “We have clients who have used our services to employ a domestic worker, and upon completion of their contract, they return to us for another helper. We also have domestic helpers who return to us to seek employment after their contracts had ended.”

“Entrepreneurship is all about cherishing a dream. Combine it with realistic ideas and available resources, and turning the same dream into profit.” Miss Kaur defined. “In short, daring to live the dream.” Imbued by her father’s driving force and determination, Miss Kaur was spurred on to perpetuate her entrepreneurship: “My father was my motivation. He was the sole breadwinner of my family, and tried to give my siblings, and I, the best, with whatever was within his means. His drive to provide the best for us, was my inspiration to work hard, and do well in life, and like my father, to give my children the best.” Miss Kaur exalted affectionately.

So what does such a judicious entrepreneur like Miss Kaur view a successful entrepreneur as? “A successful entrepreneur must have the patience, honesty, and respect. Success takes a long time to happen, and honesty is often the best policy. However, success would not come if the entrepreneur is not understanding, does not have any commitment, or humbleness.” Miss Kaur disclosed. “Complacency should always be kept at bay. An entrepreneur must have compassion for people and what they do in order to succeed.” Miss Kaur also advocated: “Young entrepreneurs should love what they do; work hard, and they will be able to bear the fruit of their labour in years to come.”

Miss Kaur was also more than willing to share Chrisha Employment Agencies’ subsisting plans for expansion. “We do have plans in the pipeline for expansion, but for certain, we intend to in-cooperate further professionalism and efficiency to our service with the aid of technology and human resources.” Miss Kaur made this revelation.

With an indefatigable leader like Miss Kaur at helm, the future of Charisha Employment Agencies is resplendent as it pushes its success beyond the boundaries.

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