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Mr. Wong Chee Hoong

Success is all about hard work and the ability to seize all opportunity that comes knocking at your door. ibuild sportscape is established in year 2008 by Mr Wong Chee Hoong. After resigning from a comfortable position at the multi-national company, Mr Wong was looking for an alternative source of income. Just then, a business opportunity from a childhood friend came knocking at his door. Though he wasn’t sure about how to go about doing the business, but he saw the possibility of this industry which others don’t. Without thinking much he seized the opportunity given and started his entrepreneur journey.

ibuild sportscape’s aims to create a ‘WOW’ factor and enhancing the ecstatic of the surroundings by installing synthetic or artificial grass. ibuild sportscape specializes in the design, installation and distribution of synthetic turf and artificial grass for stadiums, schools, condominiums, children’s playground, child-care centers, apartments, high rise offices, landed and private properties. The vision is to offer a complete range of products and facilities created by the advanced technology used in the making of artificial turf for today’s sports and leisure. Through the strategic alliances with their world renowned principals, ibuild sportscape provide total solutions to ALL the artificial turf for sports and landscape surfacing needs by having the right materials to match your requirements and proven installation methods.

Initiating a company is a laborious task. “Getting people to work in this industry is very difficult. You have to work under the unpredictable weather, it could be scorching hot one minute and raining cats and dogs the other minute. Local employees tend to shun this type of job. Also artificial grass is a very new idea in Singapore and not many will like the idea of installing artificial grass in their homes. They have this pre-conceived idea that it looks unreal.” Mr Wong recounts the start-up of ibuild sportscape. Through trial and errors, Mr Wong learned that seeing is believing. Therefore, Mr Wong promotes the idea to Singaporeans though road shows and exhibitions. This allows them to touch and feel the artificial grass. Showcasing the projects that were completed and how real the whole thing looks. “In fact, the artificial grass looks very beautiful and very lasting compared to the real grass without any maintenance.” Mr Wong said with a beam on his face.

Unlike many of the big player in this industry, where they deal with a variety of landscape products like real plants, real flowers and services like installing water features. In ibuild sportscape, they are the artificial grass specialist and deal only with artificial grass and nothing else. “We have synthetic grass varieties that cover from landscape to sport’s grass and to decorative grasses, all types and varieties that you can think of.” Mr Wong said.

The proudest achievement for Mr Wong is to install the synthetic grass at the Jalan Besar Stadium. We have a very short time frame to get the stadium up and running on the artificial grass and to get it ready for the Youth Olympic Games. After the installation is completed an accredited company from the UK will do the check and to certify that the synthetic turf is installed according to the FIFA standard. “We are proud to be awarded the FIFA 2 stars for the artificial grass installation at the Jalan Besar Stadium and this is the highest accolade you can get for a football grass.” Mr Wong said unassumingly. “The artificial grass is now into its third and fourth generation; the grass looks and feels so real, people cannot tell the difference. Even after installation in the Jalan Besar Stadium, some of the players did not know that the grass they are playing on is actually artificial.”

Entrepreneurship is not just how you start-up a company, but about courage and sacrifice. “Courage means that you have to grow the business even though you may not be drawing a salary for the first to three years. Sacrifice means you have to spend long hours and weekends to strive hard and make a success of what you want to achieve in life.” Mr Wong reminisce base on his experience. “My advice for the budding entrepreneur is to be an employee and learn from basic principles of life. The friends you make, nurture and the experience you gain in your work will shape you to be who you are and hopefully be a successful entrepreneur one day.” Mr Wong emphasized.

In the new age world, most families are very busy with both parties working. This means potential growth in the artificial grass business in Singapore, as Singaporean will have little time to tend and to nurture the real grass. This is where good quality artificial grass plays a major role in their home or garden. With ibuild sportscape’s synthetic turf which is manufactured in The Netherlands and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of five years on UV stability and color fastness. Together with a great leader like Mr Wong in commandment, the business will continue to reap its success.

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