Chan Lam Construction Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Chan Kok Tat

Quality is not an act; it is a habit. The rendering of high quality products is not a one-time project; it’s a sustained program. An entrepreneurship is an environment where excellence is expected. Being a yardstick of quality makes up for a superior business. Quality could not be attained by accident, it is a responsibility of everybody; it would only come into realization by intelligence and effort.

Chan Lam Construction is a pioneering business, which professionalizes in the facets of Civil Engineering; in the sub division of oil and gas engineering. Driven by more than 70 employees; all revolving around one notion: Quality. Initiated in 1983, Chan Lam Construction is a family business, which has been inherited from generation to generation. Holding the reins of Chan Lam Construction today is none other than Mr Chan Kok Tat. Said Mr Chan: “Being part of the family, it’s a responsibility for me to lead Chan Lam Construction to prosperity. The name Chan Lam Construction is derived from the pioneer of the company, my father.”

In an entrepreneurship, it’s always favorable to have a head start over your competitors. “Having the opportunity to start early in the trade means that Chan Lam Construction has more time to familiarize with the industry.” a pragmatic Mr Chan remarked. “As we are working under a niche industry; an industry which is specialized, we do not have much competitors. This allows us to focus on excelling from within; to provide a better experience for our customers.” Despite being in a propitious working environment, Chan Lam Construction was fraught with complications as Mr Chan took helm.

“We were faced with a distressing financial hurdle by then, as the company isn’t competent enough. We have a lack of machineries, and to add on to our problem, the machines were outdated; some of them are so old, they had actually rusted.” Mr Chan ruminated. Things as it seems, is not going so well with Mr Chan’s conception of Quality. “We were also lacking in the manpower department. It doesn’t look good for Chan Lam Construction’s future at first.” In order to abolish Chan Lam Construction’s predicament, and generate opportunities for Chan Lam Construction to transcend beyond success, Mr Chan went through immeasurable lengths to get a grasp of the cognition of the industry. “An entrepreneurship is always customer-centered. If we were to fail, it means the customers are not satisfied. Only through our customers; our failing experiences in trying to satisfy them, we will work on how to satisfy them; to get better and overcome our challenges.”

These days, where quality is the thing sought after, the thing of supreme quality is cheap, and whatever the price one has to pay. “That is why Chan Lam Construction have high regards for quality assurance. We uphold responsibility to see the entire process of the task or project; to ensure what our clients receive is a result of intrinsic attention to details. Something that shouts ‘Quality.’” Mr Chan heralded. Due to this idiosyncratic fascination about quality, Chan Lam Construction had received many ovations from clients. “All projects that were handed by the company were successfully completed, irregardless of the magnitude of the task. This has been Chan Lam Construction’s pride.” Mr Chan commented with delectation.

“Today, entrepreneurship is like a sporting competition. As of any sporting competition, it requires the participants to do a lot of work. Such as trainings, working out and etceteras. There are also expectations to be met by other people, such as judges, marshals, and the coach itself. In an entrepreneurship, we have to meet the requirements of the local law in the country.” Mr Chan observed. “Despite all these hardship, nothing beats the satisfaction of success, the feeling when you beat your opponents, and win the race. Nothing beats that.”

As aforesaid, the entrepreneurial world is especially competitive and laborious. With the right attitude and competence, one could find himself advent to success in an entrepreneurship. Said Mr Chan: “It’s a survival, only the strongest would survive. A good survivor would have an open mind to learning, he would be able to take in any constructive suggestions and work on from there. As a survivor, he should also be ready to meet challenges and withstand any form of pressure and stress faced when starting and maintaining a business.” Mr Chan paused for a moment. “The basic principle for an entrepreneur remains; in order to succeed, he must know how to manage oneself, as well as the business.”

“For young, budding entrepreneurs out there, it’s advisable for them to do their own research before starting out.” an intuitive Mr Chan indicated. “Understand the requirements and expectations of the industry, and find out the need for the growth of the industry. Understand the amount of competitors and the needs of the consumers. With enough knowledge and resources, you would be able to pave your way to success.”

Over the decades, Mr Chan’s father has been his perpetual inspiration. “He’s my muse, he’s my infinite source of knowledge and driving force.” Mr Chan said with admiration. “I certainly could not leave out my clients. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today. It’s their constructive comments and support which helped us grown in the industry.” Mr Chan continued: “The fact that I am in charge of a business that was grown from scratch over the years spur me on to do better. I do not want to disappoint myself, let alone the company and its years of hard work.”

Chan Lam Construction is planning to transpire an expansion in the aspects Civil Engineering, in the subdivision of Chemical Engineering, Oil and Gas. The company also plans to expand into the Asia region in the next 5 years. “At Chan Lam Construction, we uphold Quality. We would like to extend our Quality products to a larger audience, and this shall be our initial plan.” Mr Chan drew to a close.

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Innovation Place Tower 2 S(729931)
T| 6363 2133
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