Art N Craft Printing Pte Ltd



Name of Recipient:
Mr. Esmond Teo

Art N Craft Printing Pte Ltd was founded in 1994 by Esmond Teo and his wife. Mr Teo was exposed to the printing industry since young while helping his father with his printing business back then. Deeply inspired by his father’s passion for printing, his passion to be a top printing company was developed. Together with the help and support from his wife, they embarked on the journey of starting up Art N Craft Printing Pte Ltd.

With little knowledge of starting out a business, they faced obstacles in their financial as they were unaware of how to go about getting loans. Therefore, at the initial stage of their business they could only use cash in all their transaction. Hiring skilled worker in helping them to grow their company and securing businesses with other company were the other crucial challenges faced. Despite of all the trials, Mr Teo and his wife didn’t give in and persevered through all their obstacles. They went around seeking for advices from all the friends and relatives, and giving out flyer to gain public awareness. All their hard work didn’t go down the drain; soon their company grew from only 2 people to 17 staffs working under their leadership. From just a 2 color printer, they are using a 4 color printing machine.

Holding on to Mr Teo’s belief, his printing company helps realizing people’s ideas and concept into reality. Art N Craft was chosen as their company name, it symbolizes putting different concepts, hopes and dreams together.

“A successful entrepreneur must possess enthusiasm about their businesses,” Mr Teo said slowly. “Only through passion and enthusiasm, then will you are able to get your job well done,” he added.

Being in a competitive industry, Mr Teo knew that he needs to be different in order to be distinct to stand out among the rest of his competitors. You can’t just ask customers what they want and try to give that to them. In order to be different, Art N Craft Printing Pte Ltd hire in-house designer to give advices to the customer to produce top notch design. He belief that only the best; the most innovative and creative designer would be able to pull through it. Adding on to that, he makes sure that all the delivery is on time without any delay and quick respond to any situation.

“When business begins, don’t stop and keep going.” Mr Teo gave his thought on entrepreneurship. For new young; arising entrepreneur, Mr Teo’s advice is to face the bull by its horn and not to be afraid of failing at any point of time. “Falling is part of growing, you will only get stronger!” Mr Teo ends off his statement full of conviction.

Contact Details:
65A Jalan Tenteram #01-06/07 (factory)
#03-12 (office)
T| 6293 5205
F| 6293 2581

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