Chan Huat Lighting (S) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Darren Liew

In business, you can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they will want something new. Mr Dennis Liew knew this, and this notion would be incipient to what Chan Huat Lighting (S) Pte Ltd would achieve today: Success.

However, behind this incandescent facade, lies a lugubrious and harrowing history. A history, which helped propel Mr Liew to the triumph which he bask in today. The year was 1981; Mr Liew had just left the navy and yearns to start a business. He began to work for 3 years to gain experience. At the same time, he scrimped and saved every bit he could to venture into a small electrical accessories supply company, serving mostly his contractor’s clients. After a biennium in its operations, Mr Liew noticed that his business was financially stifled. It was a maelstrom for any business facing such a predicament.

Business was so bad that Mr Liew was stranded with a pitiful four hundred dollars to spend┬áduring the Chinese New Year season as he was unable to collect sufficient money from his clients. “Our finance were greatly affected that year due to the economic downturn and also the bad debts of more than one hundred thousand dollars from our contractor’s clients. This setback sparked me to think of ways to diversify my business, which enables me to get me to where I am today.” Mr Liew commented with much austerity.

Under these duresses, Mr Liew took a gamble and ventured into the lighting industry; a gamble that paid off. “In the first few years, as a small business, we faced financial difficulties and competition as we needed to stock many varieties of products to stay ahead with the pioneers in the industry.” Mr Liew reminisced. In the early 1980s, the lighting trends in Singapore is somewhat mundane, lights often come in lethargic, basic shapes. “I noticed that the lighting industry has potential to grow as the country’s building industry was booming. The trend for lighting then was simple and not decorative. By chance, when I travelled to Spain and Italy, I started importing unique lighting fixtures.”

“I observed that customers were in fact looking for such a variety, which was lacking at that time. As a result, I continue to look for a collection of interesting products from various parts of the world to satisfy the demand of different lighting needs.” Mr Liew elucidated with relish, how he managed to quash the hindrance plaguing Chan Huat Lighting (S) Pte Ltd. However, overcoming challenges is not a cinch. It requires many prerequisites in order to come into fruition. “These challenges were overcome through careful planning, endurance, determination, hard work and long working hours. Not forgetting, our success was achieved through a group of dedicated, loyal and honest staff. Due to honesty, integrity and professionalism of our company, we are able to retain great support from our new and existing customers such as designers, architects, contractors, developers, interior decorator, home-owners and all end-users.” a perceptive Mr Liew heralded.

In the retail industry, it’s impervious not to confute customers. Customers need to feel at ease; they need to be assured that they are getting the best deal and service. Many entrepreneurs are fallacious of the significance it makes to customers, but not Chan Huat Lighting (S) Pte Ltd. “Our showrooms provide the best of the service with our friendly and knowledgeable sales consultants whom can provide the extra mile of providing free consultation in the showrooms based on the floor plans of the customers. As our range of products are really wide, our sales consultants are there to act as a guide in our showrooms, as most customers will be lost in our ‘Jungle of Lighting.'” Mr Liew paused. “As a company, we plan and source for the best products, to be sold at a competitive price for the benefit of all our valued customers. In addition, we provide our professional advice in regards to both design and practical usages of our variety of products.” Mr Liew continued.

The definition of entrepreneurship has warped as compared to the past. “Entrepreneurship in the past just means being self-employed and having one’s own company.” Mr Liew expounded. “However, in contemporary times, it takes on a new definition. To me, entrepreneurship involves proper planning, balance, innovative thinking, and sound risk management. Being a strong and capable leader, who is able to inspire and motivate, plays a vital part of being a successful entrepreneur too. In order to achieve this success, one must believe in life-long learning as learning never ends. Creativity and keeping an open mind are also important attributes of a successful entrepreneur.”

“Through my entrepreneurship, possessing good leadership qualities; the ability to lead had helped me reached where I am today. Humility, it allowed me to be humble and strive for better results, it also allows me to be hardworking, and work hard for my goals.” Mr Liew disclosed some qualities, which helped him entrenched his success. “Passion. For without passion, one would not like what he is doing. Self-motivation, dedication and positive thinking towards all matters are also the ingredients to success.”

“Honesty is the best policy.” Mr Liew remarked. This rudimentary quality should always be withheld, it is also pivotal for young entrepreneurs wanting to upstart their business. “Plan before you start, and seek advice from pioneers in the industry as their experience is invaluable; priceless.”

“With the vast demand in housing, we foresee Chan Huat Lighting (S) Pte Ltd to grow in the next 5 years. The company will strive to source and provide the best designs and latest products according to the market trend, as well as importing exclusive products into Singapore’s lighting industry.” Mr Liew shed some light on the future of Chan Huat Lighting (S) Pte Ltd.

“My wife and family has always been the driving force to make me do my best. With their support, encouragement and understanding, they motivate me to continuously aim higher and work harder. They enable me to attain all of my achievements for the past 20 over years.” Mr Liew commented on his spur, with gratitude.

“Before I started my business in 1985, Balastier Road was known to be a notorious location without a successful lighting retail shop. Despite many unfavorable comments from many people in the industry, I proceeded to start mine with little confidence initially. However, through humility, hard work and perseverance, Chan Huat Lighting (S) Pte Ltd has now become one of the few successful pioneers still maintaining its reputation in the lighting industry along Balastier Road. As a result, we have managed to attract not just one, but many other competitors to set up their shop here in Balestier Road, making it a busy and well-known lighting retail location in Singapore.” Mr Liew concluded.

Contact Details:

Main Office:
391 Balestier Road S(329797)
T| 6255 1033
F| 6253 1130

Branch 1:
343/343A Balestier Road S(329775)
T| 6258 1141
F| 6253 1141

Branch 2:
441 Balestier Road #01-01
T| 6256 1033
F| 6355 1032


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