Hi-Tech NDT Inspection Services (S) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Raman Othayan

There’s no genius or luck behind success. It’s through persistence and hard work. With persistence and hard work, an entrepreneur can exterminate any stumbling blocks standing in front of him and success. These can be seen in Mr Raman Othayan, managing director of Hi-Tech NDT Inspection Services Pte Ltd. Mr Raman Othayan came to Singapore from Malaysia as a working labor at Sembawang Shipyard as a Trainee. Mr Raman treasured every opportunity given to him by his company; he attended technical training and also education. In the short span of eight years, Mr Raman learned all the different aspects in the industry.

It was then, Mr Raman had the desire to start-up his own company dealing with Non-Destructive Testing service, advanced NDT to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Offshore, Onshore and Fertilizer sectors. With Mr. Pratapan, Mr. Venkat Raman and his wife support, Hi- Tech NDT Inspection Services Pte Ltd started off in year 1988. It wasn’t an easy start for Mr Raman the competency level for this industry was too high. “With good planning, knowledge gained previously, enthusiasm and confidence; I learned and master each and every sector, build a good network and strengthened the marketing team in order to keep up the pace in this industry.” Mr Raman reminisced.

In order to stand out from the other companies in this industry, Mr Raman make sure that they have to be client oriented by providing a high quality service in the promptness of their respond to client enquires. There are also many jobs, which other companies are unable to handle, but as a whole company, we rise to the occasion and took up the assignment, proving to others that our company is capable. This enables us to leave a favourable impression to many of our clients.

“Entrepreneurship in my ideas means an individual’s capability of turning ideas into action. It involves creativity, and ability for innovation,” Mr Raman responded, when asked on what entrepreneurship means. “In order for a person to be successful in business, he/she must have the willingness to learn, have a vast knowledge about the industry, confidence, dedication, patience, stress management and lastly a never give up attitude.” Mr Raman remarked. Mr Raman advocates the young entrepreneur, “choose the industry you are passionate in, and you should have a commitment level and eager to success, in order to see your dream come to past.”

Despite having made its foray into eight different countries other than Singapore, the leaders of Hi-tech NDT Inspection Services are not contented to stop here. “In the next five years, Hi-Tech NDT Inspection Service is going to extend our services to another thirty countries,” Mr Raman revealed his plan for Hi-Tech NDT Inspection Services. Without doubt, with such marvelous drive, the business will grow perpetually in the years to come.

Contact Details:
40 Toh Guan Road East #01-64 Enterprise Hub
T| 6774 2692
F| 9070 5532
E| hitechndr@singnet.com.sg

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