Monetium Credit

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Daniel Koh

Integrity is integral to business. The value underpins the execution of competitive strategies and often it takes a great leader to cascade such desired business conduct.

Monetium Credit, the name reminiscent of “monetize/monetization”, which means to turn value into revenue. At the helm is Mr Daniel Koh, the veterans of the money lending industry. In 2006, Daniel decided to embark on his own entrepreneurship; little did Daniel know that his vision would proffer imminent success for himself.

Monetium Credit is set-up in sync with the needs of society, the individual, and businesses; Monetium Credit provides a wide spectrum of loan options. The provision of a loan and eventual contractual agreement are contingent upon a fair and thorough assessment process. With repayment windows of between 90 days to 12 months, Monetium Credit is focused on the borrower’s ability to repay and the affordability of any one loan package, taking into due consideration the cashflow of the borrower. Focusing on your ability to repay, the repayment scheme, Monetium Credit offer is customized, easy, and affordable to suit your cash flow. Monetium Credit focuses on your ability to repay rather than your credit history; it scheduled repayments that are easy and affordable.

Initiating such a demanding industry is without doubt laborious; Monetium Credit was met with problems such as staffing issues, and the lack of good customers’ base. “Problems like building up a strong loyal team in the company.” Daniel commented. Nevertheless, Daniel chose not to languish. Instead, Daniel was determined to resolve these hitches. “I understand how tough this line of work might be, so I do not hesitate to give a helping hand to my employees.” Daniel divulged that he doubles as a member of the staff occasionally.

With such a supreme leader at helm, the team Monetium Credit chose not to throw in the towel, and began extricating from these problems by eagerly learning and experimenting. “We focus upon the training of our team, and building up the company image. With a strong, diligent team, we are able to ward off any competitors trying to undermine us.” Daniel said. “We see innovation as important criteria in this trade. We always try to be different, showing our flairs in the creativity aspect, along with innovations. At the same time, we are always open to constructive comments to improve ourselves. Our team always perseveres and has the patience to resolve problems. I see this as the core qualities to why our team is able to serve well.”

A confident entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur. “To be a successful entrepreneur, you must believe in yourselves. You also need to be self-motivated and possess a long termed vision; a goal. A successful entrepreneur must also have the persistency to be able to endure rejections and setbacks.” Daniel opinionated. Fear is often the biggest obstacle impeding entrepreneurs from obtaining their goals. Entrepreneurs might find themselves hesitant to proceed forward due to the fear of failure. Daniel then advocated: “Do not be afraid to take risks, do not be afraid to fear. The biggest barrier or obstacle to success is the fear.”

Monetium Credit is deliberating on bringing the business one-step further to branching out to more accessible location, for easy access for customers. A leader like Daniel is certainly welcomed, and as a leader, his merit, virtuosity is without doubt superfluous. With a leader in fore of Monetium Credit shall proliferate for perpetuity.

Contact Details:
220 Orchard Road, Midpoint Orchard
#01-10 S(238852)
T| 6777 7775
F| 6737 5669

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