Hi- Tech Hotstamping Manufacturer Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Chua Seow Bin

Ever notice how your senses heightened when you are in a challenging situation? You are experiencing an adrenaline rush that gives you extra energy. If you see every day as a challenge, you would be surprised how efficient you can become, and how much can be accomplished.

To Mr Chua Seow Bin, entrepreneurship is a proving ground for him to challenge himself to his limits. “I know it’s going to be challenging starting a business, but it didn’t stop me.” Mr Chua explicated. With this perception in mind, Mr Chua went ahead to commence Hi- Tech Hot stamping Manufacturer. Hi- Tech Hot-stamping Manufacturer is a company adroit in the proffering of hot-stamping, blind embossing or debossing on various cards, book covers, calendars, diaries, boxes, certificates etc, greeting cards for Christmas, Chinese New Year and other occasional and festive cards, ready-made or made to order of red, green packet and various types of calendars, diaries and planners. Invitation cards & inserts for specific occasion such as wedding, birthday, house warming, opening ceremony etc. In short, they customised for requirements of the clients.

In 1999, Mr Chua embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by initiating Hi- Tech Hot-stamping Manufacturer. “I saw the opportunity in this industry back in year 1999 and decided to go ahead with my dreams of setting up my own business.” Mr Chua indicated. “I started initiating Hi- Tech Hot stamping Manufacturer due to my passion and interest as well. I wanted to do something I would never get bored of.” Mr Chua added. Mr Chua proceeded to carve out success using his bare hands over the years. “It was tough, as Hi- Tech Hot-stamping Manufacturer was a one man show at its start, with limited resources. Furthermore, hot-stamping is a skill by itself with no experience in this industry I have to figure it out all by myself. Thankfully, now together with my daughter; Miss Chloe Chua, she is able to generate new ideas in this industry and bring as Hi- Tech Hot-stamping Manufacturer to a greater height.” Mr Chua explicated.

“It isn’t easy to start a business. It’s exigent. Only with the right attitude and a positive learning spirit, you would be able to break the wall.” said Chloe, a wise and articulate woman. Mr Chua’s business was fraught with turmoil when he initiated. Due to no connection of the supplier and comprehension of the industry foreign to him, not many are willing to help Mr Chua even friends who are in the similar trade would mislead Mr Chua and unwilling to reveal the trade secret to Mr Chua. Not being a quitter, Mr Chua decided not to ebb, but went on to assimilate more on the trade.

Fortunately for Mr Chua, it worked out. Spurring him on is the indelible contentment and blandishments he gets when he metamorphosed a dilapidated place into something upmarket. “I love looking at the jovial smiles of my customers as we delivered the products to them.” said Mr Chua.

“What really pull us away from the pack is our high quality products, and the ability to take up big project which many aren’t able to.” Mr Chua divulged without hesitation. Without a doubt, scintillating; quality products is what most customers seek for these days. “It always has been the pride of Hi- Tech Hot-stamping Manufacturer to be able to provide such high quality products for the masses.” Mr Chua added. “Being able to purvey such high quality products yields multitude of complements from satisfied customers. This has been our driving force throughout.”

“Perseverance, honesty, hard work and modesty are essential in an entrepreneurship.” Mr Chua stressed. “You would need to have a strong interest in what you do in order to go far. The sky is the limit. Don’t be complacent. Customers can be demanding, never ever give up.” Mr Chua advocates on being a budding entrepreneur. “Always treat people the way you wish to be treated. Be it to your customers or even your staff. You attitude determine your altitude.” Chloe added.

Hi- Tech Hot-stamping Manufacturer is planning to progress into a comprehensive one-stop service for customers, which include designing and printing. This would increase the productivity and bring down the turnover rate.

Mr Chua’s journey to success, along with Hi- Tech Hot-stamping Manufacturer, encapsulated how imperative innovation is, in order to procure success. Along with the means of passion and discipline, Mr Chua showed that success is impervious by stumbling blocks along the way as long as have the right set of qualities Hi- Tech Hot-stamping Manufacturer shall proliferate in profusions with Mr Chua and Chloe at fore.

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