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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Fabian Low
Mr. Aloysius Sim
Mr. Tee Kim Seng
Mr. Kaygan Heng

Dale Carnegie once said, “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”

Carnegie’s axiom seems almost tailor-made for Fabian Low, the managing director of Falkcon Interior Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based industrial design and construction company.

For as long as he can remember, Low has always dreamt of owning a company of his own where he could indulge his passion for assembling products from scratch and decorating grand interiors. Low never lost sight of his passion and dream, eventually starting up Falkcon in 2002 with three close friends, Aloysius Sim, Tee Kim Sing and Kaygan Heng.

The name Falkcon is a combination of the initials of all four directors, a very catchy acronym that not only symbolizes the strong bond between the friends, but which also spotlights the company’s many unique features.

In the decade since, Falkcon has grown into one of Singapore’s leading construction companies. A carefully crafted corporate motto – ‘Building On Good Design’ – guides everyone in the company. Focusing on good design together with excellent customer services, Falkcon works closely with some of the industry’s most respected interior designers and architects.

“In every business, there are bound to be challenges, but it’s these challenges that have made us stronger and more creative”. Low says, “The more challenging a project is, the greater the sense of satisfaction.”

Low specifically remembers Falkcon’s early days. He recalls the difficulties they had with financing, finding work, sourcing machinery and finding suitably qualified staff. But driven by a deep-seated conviction that they could overcome all these challenges, the company soldiered on. The staff took lower salaries and put in longer working hours. Low and his partners hit the road to drum up work, while supervising their fledgling crew.

“Being a boss doesn’t mean you work less hard than others,” Low says. “The truth is, you need to be the most hardworking person in the whole company. A never-give-up attitude is an essential quality of any entrepreneur.”

Low’s approach filtered down the entire company and the results showed. Clients noticed the quality of Falkcon’s work and the service they received. The reputation grew and, eventually, the company prospered.

Over the past decade, Falkcon has collaborated on a wide range of projects – including five rounds of renovation for Zouk club, most of Harvey Norman’s stores, three swanky celebrity restaurants at the Marina Bay Sands casino and resort, and Lei Garden Restaurant – in Singapore and Malaysia. No brief is too challenging, whether interior design projects, fitting out works, and in-house furniture production, or project management, construction-related projects as well as collaborating on specially designed products.

Falkcon’s greatest strength, however, is its flexibility and adaptability. “Motivation and inspiration drive our business”, Low says. “Our clients and end user are our motivation. Their satisfaction is what drives us to do better than before.”

In an industry where many design and construction companies don’t like to work with different designers because of their different respective working styles, demands and expectations, Falkcon has carved out a name for its ability to work well with disparate teams and designers on a wide range of projects. What’s more, their competitive quotes, time management, integrity and sensible approach to problem solving have all helped the company stand out in an industry crowded with competition.

“Entrepreneurship is all about starting from scratch and building up your own brand”, Low says. “Successfully meeting challenges breeds a winning attitude. But you must never forget the people who helped and supported you along the way. That’s why it’s also crucial to be sincere and truthful when dealing with clients. Hard work is how you build success, but trust is what helps you stay in the business.”

Low continues to be ambitious about Falkcon. There are plans to consolidate and grow business opportunities beyond the current bread and butter roster of clients.

“In the next five years, we are targeting to mass produce high-end furniture under our own brand.”

The plan is ambitious, to say the least, but then, given Falkcon’s success story to date, it’s worth betting on this company.

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E| admin@falkcon.com.sg

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