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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Albert Kuck

A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others. Setting eyes on his goal in life, Albert Kuck pursued his dream after he graduated from NTU. With just some freelance experiences working during his schooling days as an emcee, his passion started to grow within him, and soon it grew and became his desire in life that he wished to accomplish, and that is how eWerkz Projects was started. eWerkz Projects has been an established event company since 2009. Since then they have progressed swiftly and expanded their businesses to clients’ trades and industries.

eWerkz Projects loves to surprise you, your company and your guest with their continuous streams of creative ideas and vibrant energy. eWerkz Projects’ dynamic team is proactively helping you to achieve your events objectives as well as taking care of small details to fulfill your needs. Whatever the scale, budget and timeline, eWerkz Projects will deliver a truly memorably event experience for you and your guests. “We have recurring supportive clients that we never failed to satisfy them because we believe in providing the best services to our clients, forging lasting relationships along the way.” Albert explicated. Over the years, eWerkz Projects has extended services to many major corporations across the globe such as EMC, Loreal Singapore, Wisma Atria and many more.

Life isn’t full of ups. It wasn’t easy to do the roaring trade. Firstly, Albert had to start everything from scratch. He does not have much guidance, and had to learn everything by trial and error and base on the knowledge he gained in the past. Secondly, it was the financial crisis; customers are hard to come by. Even so, he managed to pull it through with good rapports from his clients, being able to build up trust, fraternizing with them. Thus, word of mouth got to the ears of people, and customers started streaming into his favor incessantly. Thirdly, finding, training and retaining of loyal staff could be one of the biggest challenges faced by Albert. “As a young company, we are only selling a dream and building a team of pioneers who believe and flow with the same vision.” Albert said. In order to find and retained loyal staff, Albert constantly catches up and understand each and every staff, introduce mutual support within the company, allowing individual to have personal growth and development within the company and lastly allocation of correct job to each individual. “The secret to my success is to be able to provide quality designs, with pithy of creativity and new ideas. Sincerity counts. Nobody wants to work with a person who doesn’t convict his utmost.” Albert, an astute and pugilistic man, full of willpower and grit. It was arduous –but he saw success.

Over the years, eWerkz Projects have live up to its reputation of delivering quality services. “I believe in bringing quality and value-added services to forge a long lasting relationship with our clients, evident by the long term relationship with returning clients.” Albert elucidated. Painful as it could be, eWerkz Projects is delightedly providing value-added services such as venue sourcing, extensive program choreography and innovative marketing strategies for clients, this is not common in the industry.
Not being complacent, Albert aspires to expand his trade, not just in Sales Development but diversity in business and development of current staff potential. By having more employees adroit in multifarious aspects, such as creativity and management skills, in order to ramify productivity. Therefore, plans include having to recruit a bigger team and equipping the current team with more skills and training. This development will be grooming potential leaders to be management for the company in the near future. “We are also aiming to improve the current infrastructure to better equip the staff with necessary tools to perform in their daily job. We see ourselves as one of the renowned event management companies in Singapore and the region that is sought after, both by returning and new clients.” Albert enthralled as he shared eWerkz Projects’ plans for expansion.

“Entrepreneurship is a challenging game. It’s not about following the trend but to create something new or innovative. Entrepreneurship is all about interaction; especially in the service line, having to interact with customers from all walks of life. Knowing them; understanding them; befriending them.” Albert explicated her definition of entrepreneurship. “Post failure experiences are what made us grow stronger every single time. It helped us learn along the way, and in turn bettering ourselves.”
“A successful entrepreneur should always be focus; he or she must set a goal, and do not sidetrack from it.” Albert added on, “Most importantly, an entrepreneur must have perseverance, persistency and hard work.”

eWerkz Projects is a great constitution of infinite wisdom and knowledge, a robust; sinewy team, a caring and well thought group of employees; being able to cater to every customers’ need, befriending them in the process. Along with a strong, determined leader at fore, superintending every knick and knacks; the aspect of interpersonal skills; being able to stand by employees in time of need, the permeating of knowledge, and serving as the backbone for the company to prosper. The aforementioned regards are just some prerequisites to success, and it’s certainly advent for eWerkz Projects.

Contact Details:
1030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 Northstar @ AMK #02-41
T| 6570 6450
F| 6570 6452
E| sales@ewerkzprojects.com

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