BSK Membrane Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Chua Teck Kiat
Mr. Elvis Giam

When best pals Mr Chua Teck Kiat and Mr Elvis Giam left their old workplace as it was coming to a halt. It was not the end for them. It was not even the beginning of the end. But it was, perhaps, the end of a new beginning.

In 2007, BSK Membrane was born. Professional ministrations in the facets of tensile membrane structures; a structural element that carries only tension, most often used as roofs due to its ability to span large distances, are within the purview of BSK Membrane. Mr Chua then gave his reflections: “Both of us were from the same ex-company of the same trade. As the ex-company was going out of business in 2007, we left and started BSK Membrane in another direction.” This event marks the cementing of BSK Membrane’s rampant rise to success.

Being a veteran in this field means that BSK Membrane already established a plethora base of clientele; which includes commercial clients and governmental projects, and references during its commencement. Mr Chua then rejoined: “I decided to jump into this industry due to personal interest. Moreover, i have gained experiences and specialized skills in the industry. It’s natural for me then to stick to this field than jumping into something new.” Mr Giam then continued: “For me, it is due to interest too. My reasons are identical to Teck Kiat. We see potential and prospect in this industry as there are not too many competitors. It’s a niche industry.” The duo beamed with pleasure.

When BSK Membrane was brought to fruition, it was impeded by cash flow issues; a cinch as the company was just a new kid on the block. As BSK Membrane superintends to projects on a substantial scale, clients would take months to complete payment. “We have to plan our moves a step beforehand in order to maintain a healthy financial status.” Mr Chua gave an account. “To us, being cautious with our money is everything. As one false move might lead to a irrecoverable fiasco.” Mr Giam expressed. During its inaugural year, the leaders had to perpetually invest money into the company for it to proliferate. “Fortunately for us, everything is going smoothly and soon we were able to get over these hurdles.” Mr Chua explicated.

“Many customers asked us if we can provide the same kind of quality service as our previous company. We took pretty long to convince them that we are made up of the same team and spirit and we will not just provide the same quality, we will do an even better job.” Mr Giam pronounced confidently. This shows that BSK Membrane is no ordinary company. it’s a company which transcend beyond what has been done. It’s a company which is not complacent for second place, it’s a company which works to be at fore of the industry. “Our company is made up of a young and energetic team which work relentlessly to create more creative and innovative products. It’s our core to producing greater and stronger products over our competitors.” Mr Giam articulated. “We maintain a good relationship and observe their difficulties and solve it for them. Each and every single product are checked and assured by me and Elvis personally in order to maintain what we do best; serving great products.” Mr Chua put in words. With such a superlative team, BSK Membrane left nothing but multitudes of satisfied clients behind its name.

It is certainly encouraging and gratifying for Mr Chua and Mr Giam as they saw their entrepreneurship being recognized and accepted by the public. “All of our clients are very satisfied with our job and giving us more tasks time after time.” Mr Chua regarded. “This makes us feel that, BSK Membrane is the first tensile membrane brand they think of when they need these services” Mr Giam then rejoined: “We are also able to see the profit and turnovers increasing every year. It shows that we are doing well and we are growing.”

Mr Chua and Mr Giam then gave their altruistic viewpoint on entrepreneurship. “Along the way of my entrepreneurship, it makes me realized that we are able to create opportunities to ourselves and the others.” Mr Chua responded. “We are also able to contribute to the society as well. Entrepreneurship is not just about making money. It’s a way of sharing.” Mr Giam added on.

As best pals, Mr Chua and Mr Giam mutually inspires and motivates one another. Their friendship had helped BSK Membrane get over tough and arduous times as they work harmoniously to resolve the problem. “We would constantly encourage each other when we have difficulties. Elvis is a friend who would stick by me no matter how tough things go. There’s no better partner than him.” Mr Chua said with delectation. “It is certainly a joy to work with Teck Kiat as well.” Mr Giam gave a rejoinder. The partners had certainly not forgotten their family and friends, who had stuck through thick and thin with them. “Without them, BSK Membrane certainly wouldn’t be here today.” Mr Chua said.

“A successful entrepreneur is a determined one. He must be a focused man and revolve around his business in order to bring his business into prosperity. He also must possess a good foresight, and attitude to resolve issues which would eventually happen in business.” Mr Giam gave his outlook on the qualities of a successful entrepreneur. Mr Chua joined: “He also needs to be calculative, a good entrepreneur needs to spend wisely and only spend on necessary things to prevent issues from cropping up.”

Mr Chua then proceed to advocate budding entrepreneurs: “Don’t be afraid and take up the challenge!” Mr Giam continued: “Study the market before you enter the field. Entrepreneurship is a never ending learning experience, and knowledge is important in the industry. Be sure to apply everything you know if you want to start your own business.”

When asked if BSK Membrane is having forethoughts for an expansion, “Yes, of course!” Mr Chua answered without hesitation. “We are looking to branch out overseas, to countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines to establish our brand there.” Mr Giam also announced: “We are also planning to expand our team by 2 to 3 times bigger.” Mr Giam contemplated on BSK Membrane’s small but tenacious team of 4.

The future for BSK Membrane shall shine as luminescent as the brightest cluster of stars in the night.

Contact Details:
21 Woodlands Terrace S(738446)
T| 6759 0319
F| 6759 0349


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