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Mr Zac

Established in 1995, Sound-Vox Production Pte Ltd is a full service Audio-Visual company supporting events of any scale. Whether it is a small event for 20 or a large-scale event for 2,000, the team at Sound-Vox possesses an uncompromising attitude towards the quality they deliver.

With more than two decades of experience in the field, Sound-Vox has earned a reputable name among different circles and seen the likes of grassroot organisations and tertiary institutions approaching them.

Examples of their event support include a multitude of indoor and outdoor set-ups such as band performances, road shows, sports meets, weddings and seminar meetings. Notably, Sound-Vox was the official audio-visual provider for the Singapore Modest Fashion Weekend 2017 where it hosted audiences with stunning lights and soundscapes for three days.

Sound-Vox’s versatility in event coverage is made possible because of an extensive inventory of professional-level sound systems and lighting equipment, skilled personnel and efficient logistic support. Managing director, Zac, shares that despite the costs undertaken, the customer satisfaction and referrals in the long run far outweighs it. “By constantly investing in the latest equipment and technical training for our staff, it enables us to operate at the highest level of effectiveness and consistency.”

At any event, Sound-Vox sees to it that their services are up and running at the best till the end of the event. And this is done with a dedicated team that goes the extra mile to integrate and complete their job to the best ability. “Knocking off is not our top priority. Our job only finishes when the event ends and our customers are satisfied.”

Further elaborating, Zac adds that: “Everyone makes a difference to making a entire event a success. Good emcee, good audience, good clients and good sound systems.” Zac firmly believes in the idea of “total integration”, where both technical and social approaches to an event are considered.

He shares that every request received is validated seriously by the team at Sound-Vox, and clients are brought through a consulting process to help them assess their needs and demands. First, restrictions in time and venue are calculated to set the expectations, before the team suggests a setup that would best suit the client’s budget and demands. By devising such a framework for every request, Sound-Vox is able to continually prioritise customer satisfaction within its means.

From there, the team would proceed to plan logistics and itinerary, providing what is known as its “total integration support”.

When asked what is needed to enter and succeed in the industry, Zac shares that “everyone has to start somewhere, and go for it”.

“For me, my passion led me to great ideas. And hard work is what carried these ideas into success.”

Driven by a hardy attitude and spirit of excellence, the team at Sound-Vox stands out from its competitors and will likely continue to surpass expectations of many clients. Moreover, despite being a veteran in its field, Sound-Vox is determined to keep innovating and learning; a valuable trait for an industry that is often overlooked.

By possessing these qualities and expertise, Sound-Vox is one to notice among the crowds and a definite strong candidate for Singapore’s top events sound system provider.

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2 Yishun Industrial Street 1,
Northpoint Bizhub, #07-25, (S) 768159
T| 6741 7710

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