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Mr Lim Yu Shun

The public face of the travel industry is often that of tour groups and leisure packages. For many of us, cheap getaways or guided trips are what first comes to mind when it comes to travel agencies. Travelatte Pte Ltd, a local travel agency incorporated in 2016, upends that expectation entirely. While they do have services for leisure travel, the bulk of their focus is spent on meeting corporate travel demands.

Retreats, events, even the no-frills business trip – Travelatte has got companies covered. Their guarantee of complete convenience is one that has landed them many loyal clients, along with their attention to detail. Clients only need to provide them the locations, dates, and budget, then sit back as Travelatte sets up every visa, transfer, hotel booking that they will require. Once the details are settled, Travelatte stays in contact with the client for the duration of their trip, dealing with complications as they occur and keeping their clients well-assured of their attention. Such a process naturally results in a high-stress environment, as precision and efficiency are key in ensuring that the client gets where they need to be. The more complicated the route, the greater the likelihood of things going wrong, which is why they remain alert while the trip is in progress, replying enquiries from the client within a couple of hours.

All this effort ties in with what distinguishes Travelatte from the fierce competition in the corporate travel industry – their quality of service. They market themselves as solution providers, problem solvers, dedicated to the client’s needs. That is the key difference between leisure and corporate travel, says Mr Lim, one of the directors of Travelatte. The leisure industry focuses mostly on price rather than service, whereas corporate clients tend to place a greater importance in how an agency tailors the service to their needs. Thus their priority is to keep clients happy and tackle problems swiftly.

Through their meticulous planning and constant cross-checking, such issues are minimised. However, the number of variables in their line of work often means that something will invariably crop up. For instance, the registration website they created for a client’s company retreat recently went down on a Friday, which meant that they had to work overtime through the weekend in order to get it running according to the timeline required. Such sacrifices are frequent, and the hectic environment can often be ‘a bit of a rollercoaster’, as Mr Lim puts it. Yet these are inevitable while working in a relational-based industry. Majority of Travelatte’s clients are from referrals, and for a small business like Travelatte to compete with other big agencies, their sales pitch often revolves around the customised service that they can provide. They stand out because of their dedication to the client, going through what the client needs and accommodating those requests.

Mr Lim considers securing new clients to be one of the tougher challenges the company has faced, as the industry is incredibly competitive. He believes that having chemistry with the client to be the most important factor when closing a deal; there needs to be trust and connection before clients are willing to engage their services. Thus, they see every experience with a client as a learning point, a chance to improve their people skills and develop their services to better suit future potential clients.

Travelatte thrives in the face of adversity, and that is in part due to their philosophy of accepting challenges as they come. In the challenging and dynamic travel industry, they remain unafraid of problems, facing them boldly and focusing on solutions instead. As with any industry, the key is to remain innovative in how one approaches things.

Travelatte aims to offer unrivalled dedicated services to all customers in the most responsive manner. Understanding the great importance of managing a great clientele base, customer relations & the ultimate goal is to help everyone feel traveling is easy. All of the service oriented travel consultants are equipped with the leading knowledge and aims to provide all clients the very best in terms of air flights, hotels, transportation and MICE services.

The name emboldens our Mission Statement: To help everyone possible to Travel like a breeze, as easy as having a sip of Latte.

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